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  1. I actually enjoyed the episode immensely. I felt it had more genuine emotion than the manufactured variety that was present throughout TGWW. Probably my favorite episode of 6.5.

  2. I enjoyed it, although it did seem like a tea time version of The Shining, with the hotel almost exactly like the Overlook, scary things in rooms, and steadicam following up the corridors.

    And the minotaur was imprisoned in a prison that went around abducting people from all over the Universe. What kind of crazy prison design is that?

  3. Didn't Amy and Rory have a house already in 6.1? And more importantly, Amys just lost her child! River Song or not…. Strange episode….

  4. I was really disappointed by this one – maybe because I let my expectations get too high by having seen the comic con preview snippets and pictures, which made it look really good on top of thinking 'surely Toby Whithoue couldn't do another duff episode' (I didn't like 'Vampires of Venice' much either) but when it came down to it with all the frenetic cutting and odd storyline (a 'faith eater'-whut?) just to lead to the off-loading Amy and Rory into suburbia. I had a overwhelming feeling of 'meh'.

  5. Like another commeter, I think I had higher expectations for this one being the third from the end (i.e Utopia or Blink). Plus after several weeks of filler stories, I wanted something with a little more … meat to it.

    But it wasn't bad. Just not the fireworks I expected.

    One thing that bothered me, I could've sworn in the season preview trailer we saw the Doctor as the sad clown – yet it wasn't in this episode. Is this going to to be the answer to a question in the next two episodes of "what did you see in the room Doctor?" I mean his greatest fear has got to be himself.

  6. @Pete I think his greatest fear is the Taris being destroyed. Did you see an edited version, by any chance? Cause the clown was there twice, and the Doctor's room was just the sound of the Tardis alarm.
    Onto my thoughts,
    I was bored by the episode. Ever since Let's Kill Hitler, I've been really puzzled as to why Amy and Rory are with the Doctor still at all. I don't get why he waited so long to do what he did at the end of the episode, but that moment was still nice. I understand it wasn't the "final" goodbye, given what's coming, but honestly it was the best goodbye I think we've ever had, certainly the only proper, non gimmicky one in the revived series. It actually made sense, unlike the rest that were all pretty random and silly.

    I understand Amy and Rory aren't quite done yet, but I hope we get a little more clarity about the Silence's involvement in Amy's life, specifically in the Pandorica Opens…

  7. Enjoyed the watered-down Shining, annoyed at certain music choices (sorry guys, manufacturing "caring" via music in awkwardly written scene no longer works)
    A bit confused on the whole "minotaur" business and … filler episode was muchly filler

  8. I liked it quite a bit. It wasn't the best episode of the season but it had a nice atmosphere. Once Amy started worshiping the show got kicked into high gear and I found the final 10 minutes to be some of the most honest scenes from an emotional stand point that I have seen in Doctor Who. I really don't want Amy to go. Her relationship with the Doctor is something special.

  9. Enjoyed this one. Emotional honesty from the doctor towards the end worked and even seemed kind of dark. Not on par with TGWW because I just love the amy/rory connection, but still good. And i thought even though a filler, still moved things on in terms of the doctor and how he sees himself.What was in his room?! Himself? River?

  10. Another great episode; this second half of the series is really going great guns; it's much more consistant in quality than the first half for me.

    By the way, what's with all the nonsense 'filler' comments above? Because an episode is not directly connected to the series arc, that does not make it 'filler'; what it makes it is yet another episode of Doctor Who. Almost every story of the shows fifty year history has been stand alone, does that mean they're 'filler'? Very odd.

  11. why are people saying, they should have showed what was in the doctors room?….they did….it was little amelia, because when the doc went in the first time it had that door handle sign on it, and when the hotel dissolved into that rather tron looking like think the door sign feel onto the floor infront of everyone else, implying they were in the room which had the doctors greatest fear.

  12. as i said on a fab fb page, doctor who and the tardis by craig hurle (please check it out), this ep had everything i was on the edge of my seat, as a podantist i was thrilled to see the docs door number was 11, and ultimately though i dont want this to be the end of amy and rory in the tardis, i was bawling at the end of the ep, so nice one toby whithouse and bring on the cybermen

  13. A good episode, better than most seen this season. Personally i was convinced the doctors 'new' companion for this episode would turn out to be his greatest fear (i.e. she is perfect, smart, she dies and he fails to save her). Was surprised it was not her.
    The explanation was a bit rubbish, a space prison? That feeds a convict innocent people? hmmmm. Sadly this season does not compare to season 5 which was excellent. They have a lot of work ahead to salvage this season.

  14. Just don't understand the criticism of this-or pretty much any of the new series' episodes. This was brilliant – scary, complex, with complex underlying meanings about faith. Moffat's barely put a foot wrong in 2 years. I suppose people will always find something to whinge about, but it could be a lot worse – Daleks in New York anyone?

  15. @Theoncominghope.

    You say it was too easy,but really that wasn't just about this episode, it was something that had been building throughout this series; this was just the final nudge.

  16. The whole of Part 2 of this season reminds me of a delicious candy with a core of rectal cream. Looks delicious, at first tastes delicious, but not the best aftertaste one could hope for.

    In the case of The God Complex, it not only felt familiar (in a lift-this-bit-from-this-episode, lift-that-bit-from-another kind of way) but silly. The liquid nature of the hotel didn't make any sense, since people never lost each other when they split up, until the Muslim girl bit it. Then it made sense. Otherwise, it served no purpose.

    Writing-wise, it reminded me of some of the more ambitious Sylvester McCoy episodes, which equally weren't pulled off that well.

    The best, for me, of the season remain the opening 2 eps.

  17. Well, it's definitely a divisive episode to judge by the statements above. I'm guessing this episode will be less standalone than we expect, as I'm guessing the Doctor's fear will be dealt with by the end of the series. I also think his dropping off of Amy and Rory will come into play. A lot of people think the idea of the "minotaur' was foolish, part of that I think comes from people who are unaware of the Nimon as a Classic Doctor Who villain, perhaps it's just because some of my favorite stories (notably Neil Gaiman's American Gods) have used a similar theme of worship as a power source.

  18. I thought it was excellent. The story held my interest and the music accompaniment was powerful and captured the emotion of each scene perfectly. Just as The Girl Who Waited, this episode tugged at my heartstrings and I shed quite a few tears. If this keeps up I may have to invest in Kleenex stock! Great job, and may I say as one who doesn't invest heavily in any one TV show, Doctor Who had me at hello. I give it ♥♥♥♥♥.


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