Blogtor has posted some quotes from the next Doctor Who episode, The God Complex, over at our chums Cult Box – read them HERE.

The Girl Who Waited audio commentary
The God Complex – 10 Teasers
Closing Time director talks to Blogtor
The God Complex – promo pics
Closing Time synopsis
The God Complex – Next Time
Guide to Series 6, Part 2


  1. Hi! I want to ask you guys a big, BIG favor. I'm from another country and I don't speak english (but I can understand when it's written), and as a huge fan of Doctor Who, I really really want to watch the Confidentials. The thing is, I can't understand a word! 🙁 I'm sure that a lot of people are going through this too… can someone PLEASE make english subtitles for the episodes of series 1-4 (the entire RTD era)? Please. I want to watch it so badly you have no idea, but I hate the idea of just seeing the images and never understand what they are saying. 🙁 Help me!

  2. How can you understand when it's written and not when it's spoken. That's how most people learn to speak English!


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