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Go Figure! A Visual Archive of Character Options Figures

Go Figure! A new visual archive of Doctor Who action figures (c) Roundel Books

The ultimate collector’s guide to Character Options’ 5.5” Doctor Who action figures from 2005-2024 is coming soon!

A new crowdfunded book, Go Figure!, has exceeded its target on Indiegogo, meaning backers will soon be able to enjoy its exhaustive visual history of Doctor Who action figures released by Character Options between 2005 and now. The book is currently planned to ship to backers in November 2024, the show’s 61st anniversary.

Of all the merchandise launched by Doctor Who’s return to television screens in 2005, Character Options’ 5.5” figure line has been the most popular and enduring – with new releases still exciting collectors after almost two decades. It all began with the original Ninth Doctor Dalek Battle Packs. And the range continues today with the most recent online exclusives. Over twenty years, the figure range has encompassed characters from across Doctor Who’s entire history.

Roundel Books are publishing this the ultimate collector’s guide to the range, covering more than 600 figures and over 300 distinct characters. It features gorgeous new photography and detailed information about each figure. All in all, it’s the definitive story of the most successful Doctor Who toy line of all time (and space).


Assembled by a team of collectors and experts, Go Figure! documents the whole range with fantastic new photographs

This lavish book explores the range through brand new high-quality photographs by Doctor Who collector and YouTuber ‘Stetson Doctor’, Richard Lloyd, who also provides detailed release information on every figure highlighting the evolution of the range across an 19-year period. Over 50 of these figures are presented alongside their original factory prototypes, giving a unique insight into the production process.

Split across four chapters, covering all the figures released between 2005 – the book’s publication in 2024, each chapter features a new introduction from Christopher Hill of The Space Museum, providing context and background to the range.

But there’s more! Both the Hardback and the Deluxe Edition of Go Figure! also include more than 100 extra pages. These pages are made up of stunning ‘mint on card’ images, showcasing the figures as they appeared in the original packaging. These photos have been newly taken for the book by Hill and Lloyd. They highligh the way the range’s packaging has changed over time, providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The remaining extra pages are an extra special treat; the Hardback and Deluxe Editions feature images of prototypes which never made it to release, including 10 fully-painted figures presented as complete turnarounds.

Edited by Gary Russell and designed by Will Brooks, Go Figure! is a must-have in any collector’s library.


A preview of the layout of Go Figure featuring the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Doctor figures (c) Roundel Books
A preview of the layout of Go Figure featuring the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Doctor figures (c) Roundel Books

The new book will be available in three different editions, from softback to the limited Deluxe Edition

Go Figure! is available in three formats, to suit any collector’s budget;

The Softback Edition, just over 300 pages, contains the Figure Catalogue. More than 600 figures, presented with brand new photography and detailed information.

The expanded Hardback Edition includes the Figure Catalogue alongside an additional 100 pages, showcasing hundreds of figures in their original packaging, and turnaround images of unreleased prototypes.

The limited Deluxe Edition contains the same contents as the Hardback Edition, with a unique one-of-a-kind cover, featuring one of ten story-specific ‘group shots’. These coveted books will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The first backer will have their choice from all 10 of the available designs, the second from the remaining 9 and so on.


The layout of Go Figure! (c) Roundel Books

Backers have five tiers to choose from, with exclusive rewards to choose from

Roundel Books’ crowdfunding campaign has already exceeded its target, at 119% at the time of writing. But you can still get a piece of the action (figure archive) by becoming a backer. There are five tiers at which you can pledge to back Go Figure! You can become a backer through the project’s Indiegogo page.

  • Softback Edition – £30 – a 300+ page Softback copy of Go Figure!
  • Hardback Edition – £50 – a 400+ page Hardback copy of Go Figure!
  • Wave One Package – £100 – a Hardback copy of Go Figure!, plus a 24-page Supplement coving the 12″ and 18″ Remote Control Daleks, 10x Art Cards, featuring Group shots from ‘Fan Favourite’ episodes, an A2 poster of the book cover, 7x postcards inspired by iconic Target Book covers, and a printed ‘With Thanks to…’ credit in the book.
  • Mint on Card Package – £200 – Everything included in the Wave One Package, plus an additional two supplements covering the Sonic Screwdrivers and 3.75″ figures from Character Options, 8x Art Cards featuring unreleased figures, a 56-page checklist book and an A2 poster of the back cover
  • Limited Collector’s Edition Package – £300 – Only ten of these packages are available! Everything included in the Mint on Card Package, plus an A1 poster inspired by the ‘5″ Figures – The Story So Far…’ design, a unique one-of-a-kind cover featuring a ‘Fan Favourite’ Episode group shot, and your credit in the book printed as a special dedication.


A preview page from Go Figure! (c) Roundel Books

The creative forces behind Go Figure!

Richard Lloyd has contributed the majority of photos for Go Figure! and corresponding text for every release. He’s a Doctor Who collector, writer, photographer and content creator. He is perhaps known for his Doctor Who themed YouTube channel dedicated to the show, which launched in 2014 and now has over 8,500 subscribers. He also writes for WhatCulture.

Christopher Hill, writer for Doctor Who Magazine, the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s TARDIS magazine and a featured expert on the Doctor Who Collection Blu-range set also features in Go Figure! As well as his expertise, his personal collection comprises over 12,500 items from across the show’s merchandise history.

Will Brooks

Will Brooks is a digital artist, who’s work has appeared on lots of Doctor Who merchandise, including exclusive products for the Doctor Who Experience and on the covers of many Big Finish audio adventures and Titan Comics.

Gary Russell

Gary Russell is is the Editor for Go Figure! Russell is a former Editor of Doctor Who Magazine, as well as working as a script editor on the show itself during Russell T Davies’ original stint as showrunner. The winner of the Terrance Dicks Award for writing in 2022, he’s also written many Doctor Who comics and audios.

Gareth Kavanagh

Gareth Kavanagh is Publisher and Commissioning Editor for Roundel Books. He created the Cutaway Comics range in 2020 and has overseen the move into large format books. Go Figure! came out of a round of chats at a very busy Capitol convention in 2023, and it’s a delight to see it nearing completion.



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