Episode 10 of Doctor Who Series 6, The Girl Who Waited, has now aired but what did YOU think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I… Cried! I couldn't help myself. There was such a lovely contrast between the Amys, especially the way she remembers at the end. Some lovely moments there.

  2. Hahaha, the Doctor mentions twitter. 🙂

    In all seriousness though, a kickass episode. Almost cried when Rory and old Amy speak for the last time. Brilliant.

  3. Brilliant episode. I cried again, happens nearly every week! Love Amy and Rory. Dr Who just gets better and better. Great drama.

  4. Absolutely superb. Fantastic ideas, gorgeously unsettling production design and truly epic performances from Karen and Arthur. On a par with The Doctor's Wife – incredible.

  5. Potential spat between the Author and Blogtor notwithstanding, one of the Best episodes of NuWho!

  6. Cried, too. I think, it's a bit illogical, that a system can't learn, that Amy would die because of the medicine. There must be some research area, a way to proof it. Medical robots MUST have a way to cope with one person being different from the others, and there must be an emergency system for that cases, but once I got over this … I really like the episode.

  7. Tissue please, sniff…kudos to the writer and the outstanding performance by Karen Gillan in this episode, she abolutely nailed it. Awesomeness on Doctor Who…This one is most definitely a keeper!

  8. Good episode.
    However, I think the old Amy was selfish – how long was Rory waiting for her? 2000 years?

  9. It was a fantastic episode, one of my favourite's. I was crying 15 minutes in. However I think The Doctor and older Amy are getting a lot of hate. Amy getting hate because she was selfish. YEs Rory waited 2000 years for her, but he decided to wait, he wanted to wait, Amy didn't. Amy believed the Doctor abandoned her, I can see where she's coming from.
    Arthur's acting was amazing, as was Karen's. And of course Matt's.

  10. I loved this one. I do think it is close to the best of series 6, I wasn't a fan of the Doctor's Wife (There I said it!!!) so was worried about the hype before watching The Girl Who Waited. But unlike TDW this one lived up to the hype totally! I LOVED IT!!!

    Karen, who I always liked as Amy was just so much better here, I guess due to her actually being able to do something! Sadly, the writing for Amy has been weak in the past but here it was brilliant.

    I loved Rory and I adored The Doctor. I think The Doctor had the hardest time here, he now has two companions who probably don't like him that much right now *again* 😛

    It makes for great drama!

    This is much like Tegan with the 5th Doctor IMHO… She loved him but couldn't stand the life that travelling with The Doctor means. It ain't a big romp, it is heartbreaking and sometimes.

    Did I meantion I LOVED THIS!!! 😀

    btw: Glad to see you back Cameron. 😉

  11. Re: Rory waiting 2000 years. Big difference people; Rory DID NOT AGE AND HAD NO EXPECTATION OF DEATH. Amy felt herself growing older, her faculties going, her looks fading, and she was convinced she'd be spending the rest of her life alone. (Oh, yeah, that's another big difference; Rory was not alone in his years as the Centurion. He'd have had human contact all along. Amy was in effective solitary confinement for 36 years. Big difference.)

  12. This episode could have been called 'Rory's Choice' but I'm glad they didn't.

    I cried – Arthur's acting was brilliant. As soon as it finished, I wanted to watch it again. Best episode in a long time.

  13. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill performances were stellar. Makes me cry every time.

    2 thousand years, 2 schmousand years. Love doesn't keep score.

  14. *possible spoiler content*
    I seem to be in disagreement with many of the other postings. The episode for me was a bit disappointing. Yes, Karen and Arthur had excellent performances, so full credit to them. My problem was with the story. Yet again, someone is waiting. Yet again, one of the main characters dies. How many more times will this happen in this season? The handbots were novel but left undeveloped as an adversary/threat. Additionally, if Amy had been there for 36 years killing handbots, wouldn't they have either run out of handbots or come up with a way to eliminate Amy?
    I'd like to see a straightforward adventure episode in which there is danger and excitement and relief and none of the main characters dies or is displaced in time.

  15. Sorry. Hello. Viewer not following this, viewer very lost. What is the point of the Doctor's new coat? Does it add something to the rest of the series? I have an idea: long coat, get rid. 😉


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