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Cameron K. McEwan
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  1. I watched this episode just the other day and overall I really like it… as the 'blueprint' for the later Amy Pond story done as Moffat's sole script for series 2 it's a lot more coherent, tight, concise and ultimately more powerful. The Clockwork Droids are one of Moffat's best creations, they're still really creepy after all these years, and the designers did a great job with them. The humour is sharp throughout and the direction and editing make the most of it. Sophia Myles is, always, excellent, Billie Piper and Noel Clarke do a fantastic job in their respective roles and David Tennant is quite the romantic hero, although he does come across annoyingly smug at several points throughout – mostly in the scene where he rescues Rose and Mickey. The CHI is also pretty good, and the set design is amazing. But everything is bathed in YELLOW LIGHT, and that's incredibly distracting. That's my one big criticism of this episode, the decision to put almost every shot through a yellow filter, it makes everyone look sickly and sticky.

  2. GITF is my all-time favourite episode of Doctor Who. Most great episodes couldn't really reach their potential because they are limited to one episode (Doctor's Wife, for example). But Moffat manages to write a brilliant episode that touches every genre possible without it ever feeling crammed or stretched out.

    If anyone ever asks me what new-series episode of Doctor Who they should watch first, I always say Girl in the Fireplace because it is, in every sense, the perfect episode of Doctor Who.

    DW is so great because it can cover every genre possible, but most episodes pick only one side of Who to represent. They are either primarily happy or sad, scary or funny, set in the future or set in the past. But rarely do you get an episode which doesn't favour one or the other; it represents all these emotions in an elegant, balanced way. That's what makes Who so good. No other show could make an episode like this… and pull it off.

  3. I really don't like this episode. In any other season, it would have worked much better. But in season 2, the evolving relationship between Ten and Rose is at the heart of a lot of the character and emotional development. And then it's forgotten about, for JUST this one episode. It's not like this episode is ever mentioned again, so Ten just seems to temporarily "forget" about the emotional continuity of the series (and his feelings for Rose) for no reason. Because if Reinette really mattered to Ten, he would have pined over her like he did over Rose in season 3. And since he didn't seem to ever give her a second thought after the episode was over … what was the point of this, exactly? The effect is that it makes no sense in terms of Ten/Rose, and at the same time it undercuts/disrespects any connection Ten may have had with Reinette, because she is so quickly forgotten about, and he is snuggling with Rose at the beginning of the next episode.

    A little continuity is all I want. Seriously. This episode is SO jarring that I can't stand to rewatch it. That's why, unlike Jason Byron, I typically warn my friends and family about watching this ep – I never recommend it, because it's so "out there" in terms of lack of continuity.

  4. The logic of the episode always bothered me. The story was fine. It was an overall good story. But what bothered me is how the Doctor jumped through the time window on a horse instead of just using his Tardis.
    It doesn't make sense that a 900 year old time lord could be so impulsive that he severs the time link in the process of saving Madame de Pompadour, stranding himself in the 18th century, and stranding rose and mickey on a space station in the future with (as we saw) absolutely no plan of getting back, when he could have just used his TIME MACHINE.
    I feel like the ending had less of an impact because the Doctor decided to stay and listen to her husband talk about her death and make himself sad (and take the letter) when, if he really cared, rather than shoulder more guilt he could have just done a 180 and ran out of there once he realized what was happening so he could go back and pick her up in his ship before she died.
    It also doesn't make sense that he would even traipse through the time window when he knew it skipped years of her life and knew her death wasn't that far off from where he last visited her.

    But that's me. Always picking things apart instead of enjoying them. Overall good episode.

    -Dylan Alejandro Lavin

  5. Well The Girl In The Fireplace is my absolute favourite episode of Doctor Who.

    I love it because it's the first time I got scared while watching the show. Well, not 'scared' exactly (I don't find Doctor Who particularly frightening), but that moment when the Doctor is standing in front of the broken clock on the mantle and we have the realization that there is something else in the room was chilling (I was quite young the first time I watched it).

    I enjoy the fact that it has Rose, the Tenth Doctor and Mickey in it, as I think they're a great team. There are some funny moments like when Mickey says "Are you looking at me?" to the eye camera and then backs away scared. Also "No, you're not keeping the horse!" is great :')

    I love Reinette, she is a brilliant character. I love how she easily steps into the mind of the Doctor and how she and him have an instant connection. I like how she hates the Doctor's 'world' yet still loves the Doctor. That quote "But you and I both know, don't we, Rose, that the Doctor is worth the monsters." is fantastic. That whole scene with her and Rose actually is just brilliant.

    The end of this episode was the second time I cried while watching Doctor Who (the first time being Father's Day). I really invested in Reinette and found it devastating when it was revealed that the Doctor had arrived too late.

    TGITF is just one of those episodes that I personally find really hard to criticise even though I know that some people have found justifiable faults in it. It's perfect to me.


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