Recreate classic Doctor Who moments with the new official TARDIS key, or just hang it from your keyring!

It’s a significant moment for every fledgling companion of the Doctor. The day the Doctor entrusts them with their own key to the TARDIS so they enter as they please, even without the Time Lord with them. Now you can have that gift yourself with the new TARDIS key replica made by Titan Merchandise exclusively for Forbidden Planet.

While recent decades of Doctor Who have used a regular, ordinary looking TARDIS key (aligning with showrunner Russell T Davies’ philosophy that any child should be able to play pretend with a normal house key) this new item is based on one of the most famous classic era variants. This version was first introduced in 1974’s Season 11. And it’s a design that none other than Third Doctor actor Jon Pertwee himself came up with! The Doctor continued to use it for the rest of Pertwee’s time in the TARDIS and throughout Tom Baker’s. Not only did this design reflect the sophisticated alien nature of the TARDIS lock, it also helped disguise the key as a decorative object. And therefore less likely for the inevitable pesky guards capturing the Doctor to confiscate!


The Doctor (Tom Baker), Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) and the TARDIS key in The Android Invasion (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who Season 13
The Doctor (Tom Baker), Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) and the TARDIS key in The Android Invasion (c) BBC Studios

The new limited edition official replica is limited to 1,000 copies

This new recreation is made of enamel and comes on a short chain. It’s suitable for use on a keychain alongside your more earthly keys. So you’ll need to add your own chain if you want to recreate how the Doctor would often wear it around his neck. (All the better not to lose it.) But it’s still an essential item for any classic fan or cosplayer. Though the real thing, obviously, didn’t have a BBC copyright notice on the back slightly spoiling the effect. This officially licenced prop replica is exclusive to Forbidden Planet and strictly limited to 1000 units. It goes on sale on the 31st of August but is available to pre-order now for £12.99 on the Forbidden Planet website.



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