CHAS is the charity devoted to supporting Children’s Hospices Across Scotland. They’ve declared May the 3rd and May the 4th ‘Geeky T-Shirt Weekend’. So wear your fandom with pride.

As part of their work aiding hospices which support children with life shortening conditions, and their families, CHAS have set up a new initiative to get the science fiction fans of the UK involved. Just represent your chosen fandom with a t-shirt at work or school on Friday, May the 3rd. Or even just in whatever you’re doing on Saturday May the 4th. And then donate £2 to CHAS by calling 0141 779 6180 or visiting Schools, workplaces and community groups who would like a pack to participate can contact And Doctor Who himself is getting his geek on too.

Peter Capaldi is among those getting their geek on for Geeky T-Shirt Weekend

Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi recently supported CHAS with an appearance at this year’s Capital Sci-Fi Con, when he appeared at the event for free and donated 100% of his autograph fee to CHAS. (And gave an impromptu musical performance to boot). He’s come out again to encourage people to participate in Geeky T-Shirt Weekend and to praise the work CHAS does.

“I’ve seen at first-hand what fan communities are capable of when they get together. The CHAS cause is one I know they will want to unite behind. Get your geeky t-shirt on to help the families this wonderful charity cares for.

“Every week, three children in Scotland die from a life-shortening condition. At present, CHAS can only reach one of those three. The reality can be stark for some families and CHAS are focused on helping find light and joy in their hour of need.

“The funds and awareness raised by Geeky T-Shirt Day will help them on their mission to reach every single baby, child and young person who needs them.”

For over two decades CHAS has provided ‘full family support’ to babies, children and young people with life shortening conditions. Their mission is to ensure that no matter how short a family’s time together may be, it’s filled with happiness.

It doesn’t matter which fandom you choose to represent on the weekend. Though Blogtor Who has some intuitions about what our readership will choose. If you don’t already have your t-shirt set for the day, then don’t forget that both the official site and outlets such as Forbidden Planet offer a wide choice of licensed Doctor Who t-shirts.

So don’t forget:

Step One: Get Your Geek On!

Step Two: Donate £2 to CHAS by calling 0141 779 6180 or visiting


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