Candy Jar Books is pleased to announce its latest free-for-download short story.  Piece of Mind by James Middlemitch sees a return to a period of turmoil in the life of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, as he is sent to a retreat in Glastonbury.

Story synopsis
Following the end of his engagement withSally Wright, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is ordered to the Sanctuary by his commanding officer, General Hamilton. The plan is for Lethbridge-Stewart to have“time alone if nothing else. The Sanctuary specialises in mental strength– new techniques, but they take peace and quiet to learn.” Of course, it isn’t only Lethbridge-Stewart that Hamilton sends, but Sally too.

But, naturally enough, the Sanctuary isn’t exactly what it seems and,despite their bruised feelings, Lethbridge-Stewart and Sally find themselves dragged into a new mystery.  Based on characters created and inspired by Mervyn Haisman & HenryLincoln.

You can download this free story from Candy Jar Books at 


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