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Germany to screen S5/6 & Miracle Day

Doctor Who Series 5 and 6 are to be broadcast in Germany on the Fox channel later this year. Starting on Dec 21, there will be a double~bill of episodes each week. Torchwood Miracle Day will also begin in 2012 on RTL2.

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Torchwood: Miracle Day audio commentaries

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  1. I'm from Germany and I can tell you that they stopped screening DW right after the second series aired LOL thus I am very surprised to hear they're about to jump straight to S5. Oh well whatever I hold a grudge against the german dub anyways so I won't watch it. cheers! XD

  2. Surprisingly "Torchwood" is pretty succesful in Germany. Whereas "Doctor Who" really had no chance to gather a following so far. This won't change, because the "German Fox"-Chanel is Pay-TV and only a "specialist channel".


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