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Re-release of the Classic Vinyl Audio Drama – Doctor Who – Genesis of the Daleks

Doctor Who - Genesis of the Daleks - Vinyl - (c) Demon Records / BBC


Demon Records is releasing a very special vinyl edition of one of the most popular and loved episodes of Doctor Who – Genesis of the Daleks for Record Store Day, Saturday April 16th. The original record was released in 1978 from BBC records and was of the very first Doctor Who Audio adventures. This collector’s edition is released on 180g heavy weight ‘TARDIS blue’ coloured vinyl. The original BBC Records artwork and accompanying sleeve notes have also been included. This is a condensed soundtrack version the original TV episode and has Tom Baker providing bridging narration.

Genesis of the Daleks originally aired in 6 half hour episodes from 8th March 1975 to 12th April 1975 and stared Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan. The Doctor (Tom Baker) was sent to Skaro by the Time Lord with the mission to destroy the Daleks before they were every created thus preventing them from their murderous conquest and destructive future. The Doctor and his two companions meet Davros, the chief scientist for Kaleds. The Kaleds and Thals have been battling each other for as long as anyone can remember….



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