New guests and event details of the biggest Doctor Who convention in the world have been announced by Gallifrey One

More details have been announced about February’s Gallifrey One convention. The biggest dedicated Doctor Who convention in the world, they’ve already announced their headline guest as none other than Jodie Whittaker! But new details about the program of events, and additional guests, are now available.

The new guests include Craige Els, who played the Fugitive Doctor’s former companion Karvanista in Flux, as well as the Sea Devil leader in Legend of the Sea Devils. Joining him are Doctor Who comic writer Dan Slott, Big Finish writer Simon Guerrier, cover artist Jeff Cummins, and veteran monster performer Tim Dane Reid.

Gallifrey One takes place at Los Angeles’ Marriott Airport hotel on the 17th-19th of February next year. Jodie Whittaker and the names join a range of already announced guests including Power of the Doctor stars Sophie Aldred (Ace), Janet Fielding (Tegan), and Colin Baker (The Sixth Doctor). Other confirmed guests include Wendy Padbury (Zoe), and Frazer Hines (Jamie). Guests from behind the Doctor Who scenes include television writers Paul Cornell (Father’s Day, Human Nature) and Matthew Jacobs (the TV Movie), and costume designer Ray Holman (Series 5, 9, and 11-13). Meanwhile from the world of audio, comics and novels come Big Finish Executive Producer Jason Haigh-Ellery, Big Finish writers Lisa McMullin, Jon Dorney, Lizbeth Myles, comics writer Jody Houser, and many more.


The Quiz of Rassilon was held in virtual form for the first time this week (c) Quiz of Rassilon
The Quiz of Rassilon returns to Gallifrey One for a second outing (c) Quiz of Rassilon

Other details about the weekend newly announced include:

  • Jodie Whittaker will be taking part in two interview sessions, on Saturday and Sunday. Seats will be first come, first served. However, people turned away on Saturday will get priority on getting seats on the Sunday.
  • Thursday night will feature the Tag! You’re It! launch party, as early arrivals get to let their hair down and get to know each other.
  • The popular Karaoke sessions will now be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night
  • The world famous Doctor Who quiz hosted by Mikey Snooze, the Quiz of Rassilon, is back! This time it will be on the Friday night. Brilliantly, this means that fans won’t have to choose between it and one of fandom’s other most anarchic, fun elements. The Idiot’s Lantern Doctor Who themed sketch comedy show will be on Saturday night.
  • Ra-ra-Rasputin Timey Wimey Dance Party takes over Saturday night for a late night disco.

For full details of everything to expect at Gallifrey One next year, check out their official site for the full update.


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