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Gallifrey One 2024: Doctor Who’s Biggest Convention Returns!

Some of the guests attending Gallifrey One 2024
Some of the guests attending Gallifrey One 2024

Gallifrey One is almost here, with as impressive a guest list as ever!

Gallifrey One is only three months away, taking place at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel on the 16th-18th of February. And this year there’s a growing list of guests as impressive as ever. The newest addition to the roster for the 2024 edition of the world’s biggest Doctor Who convention is Sir Derek Jacobi. A master thespian in more ways that one, Jacobi played the Master in 2007’s Utopia. It’s a testament to his skill and power as an actor that despite only having a matter of minutes in the role, the Master’s personality being subsumed beneath that of ‘Professor Yana’ for most of the episode, his remains one of the most spine-chilling portrayals. Jacobi has gone on to play the role for Big Finish across multiple box sets of The War Master, where the villain’s defining characteristic has become being the Master who wins. Needless to say, he’s more famous to the general public for his many other roles on stage and screen, from I Claudius to Hamlet.

Headlining the LA convention is Rose Tyler herself, Billie Piper. She’s joined by other former companions Frazer Hines (Jamie), Lalla Ward (Romana), and Matthew Waterhouse (Adric) and of course by her screen parents, Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler) and Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler.) The Doctor’s wife, Alex Kingston (River Song) is yet another famous face you can expect to see.

From this year’s 60th Anniversary specials, you can hear from Jacqueline King (Sylvia Noble) and The Star Beast director Rachel Talalay. Plus, of course, there will be a whole range of talent from right across Doctor Who’s six decades in front of and behind the camera, and the Big Finish team.


The full Gallifrey One 2024 guest list so far

  • Billie Piper (Rose Tyler)
  • Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon)
  • Lalla Ward (Romana)
  • Matthew Waterhouse (Adric)
  • Alex Kingston (River Song)
  • Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler)
  • Jacqueline King (Sylvia Noble)
  • Sir Derek Jacobi (The Master)
  • Eric Saward (script editor, 1982-6)
  • Paul Cornell (writer, Father’s Day, Human Nature/Family of Blood)
  • Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler)
  • Annette Badland (Blon Slitheen)
  • Rachel Talalay (director, 2015-17, 2023)
  • Segun Akinola (composer, 2018-22)
  • Dominic Glynn (composer, 1986-9)
  • Ray Holman (costume designer 2007-8, 2010, 2015, 2018-22)
  • Brian Croucher (Borg, The Robots of Death)
  • Jonathan Carley (The War Doctor, Big Finish)
  • Gary Russell (writer/producer/director, Animations and Big Finish)
  • Jason Haigh-Ellery (Big Finish executive producer)
  • James Goss (writer/producer, Big Finish)
  • John Dorney (actor/writer, Big Finish)
  • Lisa McMullin (writer, Big Finish)
  • Lizbeth Myles (writer, Big Finish)
  • Jan Chappell (Lisa, Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans)
  • Stephen Cole (writer, BBC Books)
  • Mark Morris (writer, BBC Books)
  • Simon Guerrier (writer BBC Books)
  • Jody Houser (writer, Titan Comics)
  • Tony Lee (comic artist)
  • Kevin Jon Davies (director, More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS)


Gallifrey One returns for the 34th time

As Doctor Who’s biggest dedicated convention, Gallifrey One is famous the world over for the quality of its events and its community atmosphere. It’s even a regular tradition for attendees arriving on the Thursday before to take part in the ‘pre-convention’ festivities. These include the likes of its karaoke night and In-N-Out fast food run. As well as all the interviews, signing sessions, and photo opportunities you’d expect from a convention, there’s always a packed schedule of fan panels on every Doctor Who topic you can imagine. There are also additional evening receptions with the guests available as an add on. While the intimate Kaffeeklatsches focusing on behind the scenes guests and casual discussion of their work provides more of Gally’s unique flavour.

While fan-centred events like The Idiot’s Lantern live comedy show and the Saturday night disco are beloved Gally traditions. The Gally cosplay scene is also one of the best in the world, with meet-ups happening throughout the weekend as well as its famous Masquerade. Blogtor Who has a suspicion we can expect a tidal wave of rainbows this year…

You can full details, including new guests as they’re announced and details of how to get tickets and sign up for events at the official Gallifrey One website.



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