2|entertain have issued details of another classic Doctor Who DVD coming out next month. Featuring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, Frontios will be available on DVD from 30th May 2011 priced at £20.42 (RRP). All four episodes are newly remastered, utilising advances in technology and technique, and are supported by an expanded collection of bonus features:

With actors Peter Davison, Jeff Rawle and John Gillett, script editor Eric Saward and special sounds designer Dick Mills.
Driven to Distractation
cast and crew look back at the making of Frontios. With actors Peter Davison, Mark Strickson, Jeff Rawle and John Gillett, script editors Christopher H. Bidmead and Eric Saward, and designer David Buckingham. Narrated by Paul Jones.
Deleted and Extended Scenes
A chance to see scenes that were cut during editing, many of which are presented before post-production effects had been added.
Also includes:
Photo Gallery, Isolated Music, Coming Soon, Radio Times Listings in PDF format and Subtitle Production Notes.

Thanks to 2|entertain
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  1. Ooh, this means when The Awakening is released Peter Davison becomes the fifth Doctor (out of eight possible at the moment) to be entirely available on DVD, after McGann, Colin Baker, Eccelston, and Tennant.


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