Freema Agyeman stars in Dreamland as Trish, whose carefully laid plans collapse into chaos when her younger sister stumbles back into her life

Former Doctor Who star Freema Agyeman’s latest project arrives on Sky Atlantic on the 6th of April. The six part comedy drama Dreamland centres on the dysfunctional dynamic between sisters Trish (Agyeman) and Mel (Lily Allen). The independent, mercurial Mel has returned to her home town of Margate after years in London. But her renewed presence in the seaside town threatens to disrupt Trish’s carefully constructed and controlled life. Will sisterly love win out over all? Based on the short film by Sharon Horgan, the new series by the creators of Motherland and Bad Sisters is set to be another popular look at the quiet desperations of family life.

Also among the cast is Sheila Reid as the pair’s Nan. That’s not to be confused with “Gran,” her credit when playing Clara Oswald’s grandmother on Doctor Who! She’s also be familiar to older fans as Etta, one of the married couple of bickering voyeurs in 1985’s Vengeance on Varos. Meanwhile, Who’s Madame Kovarian, Frances Barber, plays Trish and Mel’s mother, who’s keeping a secret of her own.

Check out the trailer for Dreamland below. All six episodes will be available to stream on Sky and NOW from the 6th of April.


Eldest sister Trish is pregnant for the third time with her partner Spence (Kiell Smith- Bynoe). And this time, she’s decided: it’s going to be a girl. Her two sisters Clare (Gabby Best) and Leila (Aimee-Ffion Edwards) rally around her with their mum and their Margate-legend nan, ‘manifesting’ a little girl at Trish’s ‘mani-festival’. But when theirh other sister, Mel, makes an unexpected reappearance back into their lives, her return threatens to destabilise the entire family. A knock on their door and their ‘Dreamland’ is no more…


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