Freema Agyeman will make her West End debut this weekend in ‘Apologia’.
APOLOGIA Laura Carmichael, Stockard Channing and Freema Agyeman (standing) CREDIT - SIMON TURTLE
APOLOGIA Laura Carmichael, Stockard Channing and Freema Agyeman (standing) CREDIT – SIMON TURTLE

The play opens tomorrow night at Trafalgar Studios and will run until mid-November. Award-winning director Jamie Lloyd will take on this play with a star-studded cast. First performed in 2009, ‘Apologia’ is the third major work from playwright Alexi Kay Campbell.


As celebrated art critic and political activist Kristin Miller celebrates her birthday, she’s forced to reflect on her life. Her recently published memoirs has caused the thinly-veiled resentment of her two sons to finally boil over. Questions of family, career and politics are just a few of the themes tackled in this acerbic and timely production.

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Stockard Channing makes her long-awaited return to theatre as Kristin Miller. You may recognise Channing for any number of roles over her career of almost fifty years. But most will remember her as Rizzo from 1978’s ‘Grease’. She also had a starring role as First Lady Abbey Bartlet in ‘The West Wing’ from 1999 to 2006.

Martha Jones

Freema Agyeman makes her debut on the West End with her role in ‘Apologia’ as a soap opera star. Ironically, Agyeman turned down a theatre role in order to play Lola Wise in the revived series of ITV soap opera ‘Crossroads’ back in 2003.


In 2007, Agyeman joined the cast of ‘Doctor Who’. She played Martha Jones, a trainee doctor, who meets the definite article (played by David Tennant) on the Moon. Freema starred in the third series of the revived sci-fi series and had a recurring role in the fourth. Martha also appeared in the ‘Who’ spin-off series ‘Torchwood’ for a three-episode stint.


Since stepping out of the TARDIS, the 38-year old actor has had an incredibly successful career. As well as appearing in ‘Law & Order: UK’ alongside Peter Davison, she had a regular role in ‘The Carrie Diaries’. More recently, she’s starred as Amanita in the critically-acclaimed Netflix series ‘Sense8’.


‘Apologia’ also stars Laura Carmichael (‘Downton Abbey’), Joseph Millson (‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’) and Desmond Barrit (‘The History Boys’/’Wicked’).

Ticket Tricks

Tickets are available at the Trafalgar Studios box office or at the ATG Tickets website. Under 25s can get any standard seat for £25 on a Monday – Thursday performance. Front row rush tickets to every performance can be bought for £15 via the TodayTix app.


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