The beloved Doctor Who writer Terrence Dicks passed away last week. Everyone from fans to those in the industry have been sharing stories and commiserating publicly, and certainly privately. Tributes have been plentiful, loving and creative. Candy Jar Books have also put together their own tribute, Terrance Dicks – A Tribute .

It’s not just any writer that will bring the praise and inspire as many tributes as Dicks. It’s his passion and commitment to Doctor Who that secured his place in our hearts but he has work outside of it as well. He’s inspired everyone who has worked on Doctor Who after him. Novels, audio dramas and even the modern Doctor Who television series.


Terrance Dicks – A Tribute is a collection of memories from the authors and artists who were inspired by the works of Dicks. And it’s not just writers who hold him dear. Candy Jar’s head of publishing, Shaun Russell was motivated to compile this collection by his own debt to Dicks work. He says: “Like a lot of our readers, I grew up on Target’s Doctor Who books. And when we first acquired the rights to Lethbridge-Stewart, it was their example that we aspired to. With those titles – and none more so than in Terrance’s books – you could tell that the storytelling came from a place of deep understanding and genuine love for Doctor Who and its universe.

Russell continues: “There’s a great piece in the collection, by George Ivanoff, which talks about Terrance’s wonderful way with opening lines – how he could suck you into a story with just a few words. That’s the standard for us always: that deep knowledge, that genuine affection, but most of all that flair that came pouring off of every page of Terrance’s work. I very much doubt I’d be doing what I am today if it wasn’t for his influence. It was only right that we add Terrance Dicks – A Tribute to the many accolades he will no doubt be receiving over the coming weeks.

Download the PDF

The free PDF also includes artwork by Adrian Salmon, Terry Cooper and Paul Cowan and is available free HERE.

Terrance Dicks – A Tribute


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