Doctor Who has always had strong and forward thinking views. Sometimes the creative minds behind the work are so engaged with the world we live in that they strive to make a difference even beyond their fiction. Writer, Sue Hampton, has written many books, including the first novel of the Lucy Wilson Mysteries, ‘Avatars of the Intelligence‘. A family friendly spin-off of the Lethbridge-Stewart rang. Recently, April 15th, Sue Hampton had been arrested.

Hampton was one of over a thousand peaceful protesters who occupied Waterloo Bridge. This was part of Extinction Rebellion‘s month of protest against the “Criminal inactivity” of the government in the face of today’s climate crisis.

Despite being an author for over a decade Hampton was once a primary school teacher. She often toured schools across the UK talking about the importance of love and respect. She’s an ambassador for Alopecia UK as a sufferer herself of alopecia universalis. Due to her Hampton, and many others, may face the severe repercussions of a criminal record.

Coincidentally, Lucy Wilson herself is no stranger to ‘radical action’ and thus brings about a new, free, short story. ‘The Llanfairfach Rebellion‘ is written by Sue Hampton and is a response to her arrest. It’s even set in the same location, Waterloo Bridge.

The Supportive Publisher 

Shaun Russell, Head of publishing at Candy Jar Books, explains why he thought it was important to give Hampton this platform.

We’ve all seen the news – the predictions for the coming decades if we don’t change our ways. Not everyone will agree with Extinction Rebellion’s way of doing things, but everyone has to agree they’re right about one thing: we’re running out of time. I’ve been working with Sue for years; she’s always been tireless in her pursuit of what’s right – whether it’s her work raising money for Alopecia UK, or her tours of the country’s schools talking to school children. The idea that she might be prevented from carrying out her work in schools because of a criminal record is ridiculous. All she’s doing is campaigning for a sane climate policy – for a future for our children. For what it’s worth, we wanted to show that her publisher was behind her.

Editorial Coordinator in Candy Jar, Will Rees, says: “Sue wrote the first Lucy Wilson novel, and she was a big part of making Lucy not just a tireless in her fight against extra-terrestrials, but forthright in her social and political views. Like many I’ve been inspired by the speeches of Greta Thunberg; the current wave of climate activism is a fight being led by the next generation. Thanks to Sue, Lucy is a very modern young woman, and we have no doubt that the girl from Ogmore-by-Sea would also be fighting for our planet.

Read the Short Story

To read ‘The Llanfairfrach Rebellion’ click here.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sue Hampton’s arrest, you can read her blog here.


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