You’ve got to love the good people at Candy Jar Books. Clearly they love us as they release another free short story from their Lethbridge-Stewart range! ‘The Case Of The Missing Fairy’

The head of publishing at Candy Jar Books, Shaun Russell, explains why they’re giving us another lovely free short story for the holidays. “Our seasonal short stories have become something of a tradition, and it was important to me that this year be no different. Steven had produced a lovely, and amusing, little ditty for Christmas, and in quick time, too. Perfect reading after a hearty Christmas dinner!” If you read the piece, and why wouldn’t you? I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a great Christmas read!

‘The Case Of The Missing Fairy’ is written by a new writer to the range, Steven Walton. Walton likens Lethbridge-Stewart as The Doctor’s Watson. “I’ve always considered the Brigadier to be the Doctor’s Watson, but as this range has him in the lead role I thought why not make him Sherlock Holmes? Set in a time when he can’t remember the Doctor, the story focuses on those mini adventures in his everyday life. And what a better time to do a silly but fun detective story than at Christmas.”

Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen explains how Walton, came on board to tackle this free Christmas story. “When Shaun told me he wanted a Christmas story, I groaned and said, ‘well, I don’t have time to write one,’ but then I re-thought and realised that I may have a man who did. So I turned to a young writer I know who wanted to write for the series. Enter Steven Walton. He jumped on board with barely a second’s hesitation, and I then tasked him with sending me a few ideas set within the period that Lethbridge-Stewart served as maths teacher in Brendon School, a period of his life we’ve not really touched upon yet. Steve sent me a few ideas, but that one that appealed to me the most was the whimsical notion of Lethbridge-Stewart investigating the disappearance of a Christmas tree fairy.”

Get It At Candy Jar

'The Case Of The Missing Fairy' by Steven Walton
‘The Case Of The Missing Fairy’ by Steven Walton

You can find ‘The Case Of The Missing Fairy’ over at Candy Jar Books by clicking here. It will be available over the holidays so make sure you get yours early.

Don’t forget that Candy Jar Books also has a holiday sale going on and there are some Lethbridge-Stewart titles in there. It’s a great opportunity to gift some books to your favourite fans or snag a title you may have missed.

Happy Holidays!


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