Lucy Wilson leaps into action to save Elizabeth II in a new adventure FREE from Candy Jar Books!

Candy Jar Books are celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in appropriate Doctor Who style. The Brigadier’s granddaughter Lucy Wilson is heading back in time to 1977 and visiting her Silver Jubilee! The action unfolds in The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Platinum Jubilee, a free e-book available from the Candy Jar website.

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries series is Candy Jar’s range for younger readers. While the Lethbridge-Stewart novels are set during the younger days of the Doctor’s future best friend, and the recently begun UNIT range explores the setting up of the task force, the Lucy Wilson Mysteries are set in the present day, following the exploits of his granddaughter Lucy. But Lucy has inherited every bit of her grandfather’s nose for danger, and soon she and her friends are encountering alien dangers on a regular basis.

In The Platinum Sceptre, taking hold of a mysterious platinum sceptre in the Tower of London in 2022 casts Lucy back in time. She finds herself amid the Silver Jubilee celebrations of 1977, and face to face with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Can she convince the monarch that she’s not an intruder? Can she ever get home in time to 2022? And what menace is threatening to change the course of British history?


The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Platinum Sceptre. Cover by Steve Beckett (c) Candy Jar Books Doctor Who Platinum Jubilee
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Platinum Sceptre. Cover by Steve Beckett (c) Candy Jar Books

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Platinum Sceptre

Lucy looked back down at the sceptre. Her instincts told her to touch the glass. She held her breath and gently laid her fingers on the cabinet. The glass was warm to the touch and melted away from her hands like a sugar cube in a cup of tea.

That wasn’t right.

Lucy hesitated. Should she warn the guards? Would they believe her?

Is the Queen in danger? she thought. Her heart was racing as she put her hand down onto the sceptre, wrapping her fingers round the gold base…
…and the world changed around her.


You can download The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Platinum Spectre here.


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