You know the fantastic Lethbridge-Stewart books from Candy Jar, but have you heard about the spin-off, Lucy Wilson? 

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries centres on Lucy, the granddaughter of the Brigadier. A brave pre-teen of mixed ethnicities, Lucy, in her own way, continues her grandfathers legacy. Joined by her friend Hobo, an intelligent boy with alopecia, they take on monsters and mysteries.

Candy Jar Books is a wonderful publisher of literature. They’re accepting of new writers (see the recent Lethbridge-Stewart article) and have a genuine drive to tell great stories. All this while promoting diversity, acceptance and, as linked above, donating to charity. The writer of ‘The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Avatars of the Intelligence’, Sue Hampton, was diagnosed with alopecia universalis in 1981. She has since become an ambassador for the charity Alopecia UK.

Sue Hampton

Hampton speaks about writing her first book, ‘The Waterhouse Girl’, and ‘Avatars of Intelligence’: “Writing The Waterhouse Girl changed my life, and changed the way I saw my alopecia. I began to feel braver because my character was dealing with alopecia better than I was. Since then I’ve wanted to write stories where the characters are not defined by their condition because that’s not what defines me. In Avatars of the Intelligence, Hobo does have alopecia, yes, but he is also loyal, brave and intelligent – all the qualities that Lucy needs in a friend.”

Lucy Wilson: Avatars of the Intelligence is a book that’s meant to give confidence to young readers. The book deals with issues many young people are faced with including being bullied for being different, or an outsider. This book deals with characters who refuse to simply be victims. Through friendship and courage, Lucy and Hobo take on the Great Intelligence while the book deals with self-acceptance and confidence.

Lucy Wilson Candy Jar Cover
Lucy Wilson Candy Jar Cover

Cover Art Inspiration

The head publishing at Candy Jar, Shaun Russell speaks a bit about the cover by Steve Becket: “We felt that it was really important that we didn’t have Hobo hidden in any way on the cover – no hats or hoods. This is a character who is totally unashamed, and we felt it wouldn’t be right to present him otherwise. We want this to inspire other children who might feel like they’re different, if they feel lonely or left out, that it’s our differences that make us who we are.”

Furthering the excellence of Candy Jar Books they’ve created a 95-page free e-book. The e-book contains, ‘The Two Brigadiers’ by Jonathan Macho, ‘Lucy Wilson’ by Sue Hampton, as well as an extract of ‘The Avatars of Intelligence by Sue Hampton. There’s also an extract of Curse of the Mirror Clowns, the latest Lucy Wilson Mystery by Chris Lynch and non-fiction chapter about the Brigadier by Andy Frankham-Allen.

Candy Jars Lucy Wilson Collection
Candy Jars Lucy Wilson Collection

Where to get them

If you subscribe to Candy Jar’s newsletter you will automatically receive a link to download this free e-book. If you aren’t subscribed then you can download The Lucy Wilson Collection via this link on our website.

The Lucy Wilson Collection – PDF file for DOWNLOAD

Be sure to pick up, for yourself, or someone you know, a complete copy of, ‘Lucy Wilson: The Avatars of Intelligence’. You can do this by clicking the link above or finding at your local book shop!




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