Here’s the rest of the new promo pics for FOREST OF THE DEAD. As I suggested previously, these indicate who survived SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY which is why I waited to post them. To be honest, though, these aren’t great. Something tells BLOGTOR that the production team are keeping things tightly under wraps. Click on the pictures for bigger versions.

The Suit Creature

DAVID TENNANT as The Doctor and ALEX KINGSTON as River Song

EVE NEWTON as The Girl

DAVID TENNANT as The Doctor and ALEX KINGSTON as River Song

O-T FAGBENLE as Other Dave and STEVE PEMBERTON as Strackman Lux

Interestingly, these all look like they could have come from tonight’s episode. Anyway, here’s the Next Time from SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY.


  1. I hate to pic holes, but the Doctor Who publicity shots were of a much higher resolution when they used to get posted on the “Stuff on TV” blog, and also some have vanished during the week, particularly the one of Steve Pemberton…How am I supposed to make DVD artwork!!!!????

  2. The pics posted here for FOREST OF THE DEAD are exactly the same ‘dims’ as always and have not been altered from the original files.
    The width is over 2,000 px which is the same as before. Are you clicking on them?

    The previous publicity pix from SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY were moved to another post but they are smaller versions.

    Hope this helps.

  3. 😉 As you say, they look much the same a Silence in the Library stills… And I was indeed talking about the SitL shots being much smaller… Where have they moved to?

  4. The original large files for SITL were removed and replaced with smaller versions in an earlier post.

    I won’t be re~posting those particular pics but I’m sure if you visit Planet Gallifrey (link on the right) you’ll find them there.

    Don’t worry though, I’ll still be posting the ‘big’ files as normal.


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