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Straight from the BBC site to your eyes, internationals rejoice! This is the preview clip from this Saturday’s DOCTOR WHO episode, FOREST OF THE DEAD. Be warned though, you may get excited…


  1. AAAAAAAAA!!! …. AAAAAAAA!!!! International here, out of breath from screaming! Wow what a clip, I can’t wait for the episode! Thanks so much!!

  2. Whoar! Man, you know a clip is good when you stop paying attention to that little bar that shows you how much time is left! Gah!

    I wanna know wot she sez!

  3. Freakin’ damn A. I was expecting that the promo monkeys were up to their usual hijinx. But, that was pretty good. /understatement

    I refuse to believe that she’s Rose in any capacity…and it must be his real name that she whispers to him. Though, it would have been way cooler if she’d have grabbed his hands and had him mindwalked her. I’m just sayin’.

    Thanks for posting the clip!

  4. Pretty obvious she will whisper his name to him.

    She wants to prove she is someone he trusts and letting him know she knows his biggest secret is the way to do that.

  5. why would she be sorry about telling him his name? No…it has to be something that will affect him emotionally. So, the death of someone close, something he believes that is a lie, something he has done that has dire consequences or a secret he has been hiding (and no, not his name).

    Great teaser clip though! thanks!

  6. Great post, I absolutely love this site, it’s definitely one of my favourites if not my favourite. 😀 Thanks for the link on the sidebar, I appreciate it 🙂

  7. ITA, about us never knowing. It’ll totally be like whatever Sawyer whispered into Kate’s ear on the heli.

    Now I’m overthinking, or dosed on too much caffeine right now, but surely someone else has thought it: The cryptic “Your song must end soon” that Ood Sigma told Ten… Might that be a ref to River Song?


  8. Actually, at the time I thought exactly the same thing as I knew there was a character called River Song coming up.

    I mentioned it somewhere at the time, perhaps on StuffOnTV or on a forum.


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