Doctor Who merchandise for Rogue, The Legend of Ruby Sunday and Empire of Death are now available from Forbidden Planet


Merchandise for the last few episodes of the current season of Doctor Who have now arrived at Forbidden Planet. They cover the episodes Rogue, The Legend of Ruby Sunday, and Empire of Death.

Rogue is represented by designs featuring the Doctor and Rogue together in the style of a classic novel cover, and the Duchess in her birdlike Chuldur form. Meanwhile, the Legend of Ruby Sunday merchandise feature the S TRIAD Technology logo. Finally, Empire of Death gets two designs, Sutekh crouched around the TARDIS, and his acolyte Susan Twist in her skull faced reverent form.

The designs come on a whole range of products, from t-shirts and pin badges to mugs, coasters, art prints, and magnets. There’s also a new set of postcards, collecting together all of the monster designs from this season.


The full list of new products are:

  • Monster postcard set – 7 designs: Bogeyman, Maestro, Villengard Ambulance, Mantrap, the Duchess, Sutekh, and Skullface
  • Rogue t-shirt (unisex, women’s and children’s fits)
  • Rogue art print
  • The Duchess t-shirt (unisex and children’s fits)
  • The Duchess pin badge
  • The Duchess coaster
  • S. TRIAD Technology t-shirt (unisex, women’s, and children’s fits)
  • S. TRIAD Technology mug
  • S. TRIAD Technology coaster
  • Sutekh t-shirt (unisex, women’s, and children’s fits)
  • Sutekh art print
  • Sutekh pin badge
  • Sutekh magnet
  • Sutekh coaster
  • Skullface t-shirt (unisex, women’s, and children’s fits)
  • Skullface pin badge
  • Skullface coaster


You can browse the entire range on Forbidden Planet’s Doctor Who page here.


These are probably the last additions to Forbidden Planet’s episode specific range for this season. However we can probably expect plenty more items celebrating Joy to the World when Doctor Who returns for this year’s Christmas special, as well as next year’s season. Meanwhile, the long wait for the Fifteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver to materialise in toy form goes ever onwards…




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