To celebrate Doctor Who Comics Day, some of Titan’s biggest talents assembled at Forbidden Planet this afternoon.

On Saturday, Forbidden Planet in London was celebrating Doctor Who Comics Day! Not to mention the launch of this year’s crossover event – The Lost Dimension. Titan Comics has given us a bombastic multi-Doctor event annually since 2015 and this year is no different.

Artist Rachael Stott and writers George Mann and Cavan Scott were all in attendance to sign copies of ‘The Lost Dimension’. We’ve already given the first issue a huge thumbs-up in our review. Let’s see what happens next!

Three Doctor Who Cosplayers
George Guidera, Michael Seager and Dom Green as the Eleventh, Tenth and Twelfth Doctors

Forbidden Planet has an exclusive variant cover available. So it’s no surprise that a healthy throng of fans showed up. Including these three gents (above) cosplaying as the Eleventh, Tenth and Twelfth Doctors.

Not to mention our pals over at The Time Ladies who braved the queue and got a signed, impromptu Twelfth Doctor doodle from Stott.

Remember to check out our review of ‘The Lost Dimension #1’ and to check back for news and updates on each issue.


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