Forbidden Planet have added exclusive items from the season’s first three episodes to their Fifteenth Doctor range

Forbidden Planet’s exclusive range of Doctor Who merchandise continues with new items devoted to the first three episodes of the 2024 season. The designs feature two different images of the Bogeyman from Space Babies, two featuring The Devil’s Chord’s Maestro, and two based on the Villengard Ambulance from Boom.

You can get these designs on t-shirts, mugs, coasters, pin-badges, art prints and key rings.

The full list of items is:

  • The Bogeyman photo t-shirt (unisex, women, and child fits)
  • The Bogeyman photo art print
  • The Bogeyman illustration t-shirt (unisex, women, and child fits)
  • The Bogeyman illustration pin badge
  • Introducing Maestro t-shirt (unisex, women, and child fits)
  • Introducing Maestro art print
  • Maestro illustration t-shirt (unisex, women, and child fits)
  • Maestro illustration pin badge
  • Maestro illustration mug
  • Maestro illustration coaster
  • Maestro illustration keychain
  • Villengard Logo t-shirt (unisex fit)
  • Villengard Ambulance pin badge

You can shop the full collection at the Forbidden Planet Doctor Who Season One page now.

New pieces of merchandise will be added to the Forbidden Planet Doctor Who collection as the series continues. In the meantime, fans attending MCM Comic Con in London this weekend can seize the opportunity to get even more merchandise. Items on sale at the convention will include exclusive designs on t-shirts, coasters, art prints, pin badges, key-rings and postcards. Any stock remaining at the end of the convention will be put on the Forbidden Planet site next week while stocks last.


MCM exclusive merchandise from Forbidden Planet include

  • The Fifteenth Doctor t-shirt (unisex)
  • The Fifteenth Doctor coaster
  • “Honey I’m Here for Fun” t-shirt (unisex)
  • “Honey I’m Here for Fun” art print
  • “Honey I’m Here for Fun” coaster
  • The TARDIS t-shirt (unisex)
  • The TARDIS pin badge
  • “Hi There, I’m the Doctor” pin badge
  • Sonic Screwdriver pin badge
  • Sonic Screwdriver key-ring

There’s also a set of postcards on sale, containing eight postcards with the following designs:

  • The Fifteenth Doctor
  • “Honey I’m Here for Fun”
  • “Hi There, I’m the Doctor”
  • The TARDIS
  • The Doctor, Ruby and TARDIS silhouette
  • “Who Are You?” (Ruby)
  • The Goblin King
  • “Rock it Janice!”


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