Forbidden Planet have got some great new EXCLUSIVE Doctor Who action figure sets for sale. Above you can see The Impossible Set featuring The Eleventh Doctor (from The Snowmen) and Clara (from Asylum of the Daleks) and below there’s The Time of the Doctor set featuring The Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor figures, complete with Handles and ancient Matt Smith head! Click on the images to purchase and find out more.

Doctor Who

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Cameron K. McEwan
Cameron K McEwan was the first owner and site editor of Blogtor Who since its creation in May 2008 until Dec 2015. A lifelong Doctor Who fan, Cameron has also written two books, The Who’s Who of Doctor Who and Doctor Who: The Big Book of Lists, and directed a film all about Doctor Who fans throughout the years, Who’s Changing - An Adventure In Time With Fans. Cameron also contributes TV and film news and reviews to BBC Radio London, Metro, Digital Spy, New York Observer and Den of Geek. He lives in London with his one trousers.


  1. Nice to see the 3-inch fiasco is finally buried. But they still don't have Jenna's face quite right.

  2. Why, oh why, does Who merch always have to look as fugly as it does (with very rare and pricy exceptions)? I'm still waiting for a truly great 1:6 TARDIS…and the best one that's been done to date (the Character Options Ninth/Tenth Flight Control TARDIS) is still a toy.

    BBC *really* needs to do a deal with Hot Toys (available through Sideshow Collectibles). Their sculpts are gorgeous.

    The only thing they seem to get half right are the Sonic Screwdrivers…


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