Please forgive the nature of this post (I don’t normally do “adverts”), but Blogtor is having to sell his Doctor Who collection. Amongst the current auctions are: an Adipose Stress Toy; a set of Dalek playing cards; and an End of Time 11th Doctor action figure. There are also many other Who items for sale as well as some Sarah Jane Adventures figures – check out the full listings on eBay HERE.


  1. Alisha Rene'

    All the items are available worldwide from me.


    Due to a change in my personal circumstances, I have to sell everything I have to get money.

    That's also why there's been so little activity here of late.

  2. I'm sorry to hear things have been difficult for you lately. I sincerely hope the new year brings better days. I'm sure your Dr. Who collection will find a good home.

  3. I'm really sad to hear that times are being difficult for you…I hope things will get better with the new year and that the blog will resume its full activity even if it may be hard as a PhD may demand a lot of working time.

    Bon courage Blogtor, je suis de tout cœur avec vous ! 🙂

  4. I'd love to help, if I can. Any Cybermen figures you'd be willing to part with?

    Also, I'd be happy and honored to contribute to the blog on occasion, if you're amenable. I just signed a contract with a US publisher to write a WHO-related book (details soon!), and I certainly enjoy sharing my opinions and insights on the greatest TV show of all time!

  5. Hello Cameron,

    I'm sorry things are hard right now. I hope your sales go well, and that the pressures ease up. Meantime, thanks for all your hard work on the site. It's been very very much appreciated – both the big news stories and the little things, like how careful you are about spoilers or your friendly enthusiasm for all eras of Who.


  6. I enjoy your site quite a bit, and would happily contribute to it, and you, if a PayPal option were established. Hope your circumstances improve quickly.

  7. Second that. I'm pretty much in the same boat, but I'd be happy to help keep the site on-line with what I can spare. The world of Who wouldn't be the same without Blogtor Who.

  8. Sorry to hear you're having a hard time, I love reading this blog and would like to second the idea of having a paypal button in the sidebar or somewhere so that people could make donations. I hope things look brighter for you soon!

  9. Blogspot is a free service, so if it's content you'd like, I'd happily write for you as well as my own site.

    I'm a qualified journalist (BA, MSc), and I LOVE DW.

    Be a shame to see the site go away.

    Hope your circumstances change, and you have a happy New Year.


  10. Sorry to hear about your cash flow and also sad to hear that the blog is to be rested – it's the only Who site I bother with these days. I hope that the sale goes well, your fortunes improve and that you come back refreshed in the new year.


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