The ninth episode of Doctor Who Series 8, Flatline, has aired, but what did you
think? Please leave your comments in the section below and, obviously,
if you haven’t seen it best not to read. Check out the What Did You Think? for Mummy on the Orient Express HERE.
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  1. Really clever, inventive episode. The 'Boneless' (is that correct?) made for a striking and innovative foe, 2D or not 2D. The highlight for me was the reciprocation between the Doctor and Clara with all the playful possibilities of a shrunken TARDIS in a handbag – even if its reduced external dimensions reminded me of the one in Logopolis. Also interesting to see the shape shift when in 'seige' mode. Reminded me of the Power of Three cubes. Suggests that the chameleon circuit isn't completely broke, if it ever was. But whatever happened to The Doctor's hair during the episode? It definitely shortened.

  2. It shortened because the Boneless were sucking the power out of the Tardis. The Tardis was shrinking, his hair was shrinking, naturally!

  3. I thought this one was absolutely fascinating. the plot was unique. the monsters imaginative.the dilemma that clara faces with PE/solider boy about her 'lying' should hopefully make for some great squabbling. i prefer the squabbling, the lovey dovey makes me gag. a helpless doctor confessing his admiration in the midst of a shrinking/disappearing tardis was pretty cool.


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