‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’ featured another welcome return, something we’ve not seen since 2010. This year’s Christmas special was followed immediately by a rapid-fire trailer for the upcoming tenth series. So we’ve delved into the preview stocking to see what Santa Moffat has given us to play with.

  1. Professor Who?

We’d guessed from set photos that we’d meet Bill at a university, but assumed that Bill would be a student. Based on precedent, the Doctor was more likely to be the caretaker but it seems he’s been promoted.

Given “Professor” was the affectionate nickname for the Doctor from former companion Ace, we might see that dynamic return. With Bill a university cafeteria worker, surrounded by academic people, the Doctor might give her a chance to prove how clever she is in other ways. Meanwhile, he’s taken up the same title as his late wife after 24 years by her side…hopefully he avoids the library.

  1. What’s a Dalek?!

We were introduced to Bill in April with a short Dalek cutaway, shot months before production on series ten began. Executive producer Steven Moffat told us it was just to debut Pearl Mackie and isn’t part of an upcoming episode. However, the trailer featured shots from that scene along with a bunch of new ones from the same apparent setting. Either we’ll see what led up to that scene or it’s the most exciting footage they had for the trailer. Let’s pray it’s the former.

  1. Doctor Who S10 - MEET PEARL MACKIE - THE DOCTOR'S NEW COMPANION Pearl Mackie, The Doctor (PETER CAPALDI) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Ray Burmiston
    Doctor Who S10 – MEET PEARL MACKIE – THE DOCTOR’S NEW COMPANION Pearl Mackie, The Doctor (PETER CAPALDI) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Ray Burmiston


Other than the Daleks, this trailer was unusual for featuring no sign of returning monsters. Instead, we had a montage of new creatures that we’ll get to meet next year. One shot hints at a creature made of wood and a damp young woman screaming at the camera. Most intriguing of all has to be the emoji-bots, what appear to be robots with smiley emoticons on their heads. How many returning monsters we’ll get is still a mystery, though Peter Capaldi has hinted at “new Cybermen”. But we can be sure that series ten will not be short of its own villains.

  1. Who is Bill?

Ok, so we’ve talked about who Bill is and what her relationship with the Doctor might be. But the series ten trailer gave us a lot of insight into the sort of woman she is. For one thing, she’s curious, asking for the direction to Earth after arriving on an alien world. For another, she’s irreverent, gaping in awe at the TARDIS console room before asking where the bathroom is. Not to mention an apparent obsession with cooking, describing the TARDIS as “like a kitchen”.

  1. DOCTOR WHO - MEET PEARL MACKIE - THE DOCTOR'S NEW COMPANION Pearl Mackie - (C) BBC - Photographer: Ray Burmiston
    DOCTOR WHO – MEET PEARL MACKIE – THE DOCTOR’S NEW COMPANION Pearl Mackie – (C) BBC – Photographer: Ray Burmiston

    Doctor Disco

The sonic shades are back!!! Sorry to anyone who was put off by the Doctor’s wearable tech last series! Granted, the shades did rather polarise the fans. Pun intended. But remember that the sonic screwdriver was originally meant as a silly throwaway joke. Either way, looks like sonic shades are here to stay for the rest of the Twelfth Doctor’s tenure.


  1. I don’t think him being called professor has anything to do with River, any more than his being a teacher has to do with Clara.

  2. It actually looked pretty decent, style-wise and it’s nice to have a companion who’s not as smart/clever as the Doctor & not in love with him. I do wish Capaldi would stay on after Moffat leaves as I’d love to see him with different writers.

  3. There IS a returning classic series alien race in the trailer. Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, bit it’s definitely there!

  4. the Daleks are in the trailer. they’re returning monsters.

    also the wood people from that other christmas special.


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