Creator Gareth David-Lloyd and Dark Valley Productions have shared a first look glimpse at Black River Meadow. The web-based horror/drama set deep in the Welsh countryside is deep in the editing process. But BlogtorWho can bring you a peak behind the scenes and at some of the imagery to come.

Gareth David-Lloyd – Black River Meadow (c) Dark Valley Productions

Black River Meadow is the first instalment in a part horror/drama. Supported by a successful Kickstarter, principal photography has been completed and editing has begun. From the mind of Gareth David-Lloyd comes a story set in the mysterious Welsh countryside. Together with Robin Bell of Twisted Showcase, Dark Valley Productions was formed. Black River Meadow forms the introduction to a world which may one day be explored in a full length TV drama.

Black River Meadow (c) Dark Valley Productions


Gareth David-Lloyd has been a screen and stage actor for fifteen years. Perhaps his best known role is as Ianto Jones in Torchwood for the BBC and Big Finish Productions. More recently he has written for Big Finish Productions and Twisted Showcase. Gareth made his directorial debut for Twisted Showcase web-short ‘Be My Head’.

Black River Meadow (c) Dark Valley Productions

Robin Bell is the creator and lead writer for Twisted Showcase, a Guardian Top 25 web TV show and the only British Independent series listed alongside names such as Joss Whedon and Seth Macfarlane. He has been a storyliner for Hollyoaks, and his script entitled ‘Bookmark’ is part of Philip Shelley’s audio drama podcast. A romantic comedy feature film, ‘A League Apart’, is currently in pre-production with Dark Art Films Ltd.

BlogtorWho will have further updates as Black River Meadow nears completion. In the meantime you can keep up to date with the project via


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