Check out these first-look photos of Jenna Coleman from new drama The Cry, coming to BBC One later this year.

Jenna recently flew out to Australia to begin filming the series, alongside her co-star Ewen Leslie (Safe Harbour). Newly-announced members to the cast are Stella Gonet (The Crown) and Sophie Kennedy Clark (Philomena). Plus, several Australian actors will star as well: Asher Keddie (X-Men: Origins), Alex Dimitriades (Seven Types of Ambiguity), Markella Kavenagh (Romper Stomper) and Shareena Clanton (Wentworth).

The Cry is the first scripted television commission for Scottish-based production company Synchronicity Films. It promises to be a “thrilling, psychological” drama written by Jacquelin Perske, adapted from the novel by Helen FitzGerald. Filming continues to take place in Australia and Scotland, directed by Glendyn Ivin (Safe Harbour).

Joanna (JENNA COLEMAN) – (C) Synchronicity – Photographer: Lachlan Moore

Joanna (Coleman) and her husband Alistair (Leslie), travel with their baby from Scotland to Australia to see Alistair’s mother, Elizabeth (Gonet) and to fight for custody of Alistair’s daughter Chloe (Kavenagh) against his Australian ex-wife Alexandra (Keddie). However, when they arrive in Australia, Joanna and Alistair are forced to face an unthinkable tragedy that changes their lives and their marriage forever. It is the catalyst for a journey into the disintegrating psychology of a young woman, exposing the myths and truths of motherhood.

The Cry will air on BBC One later this year. Stay tuned to Blogtor Who for more.


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