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First look at the Doctor Who 2015 Christmas Special

Alex Kingston and Peter Capaldi (C) BBC

The BBC have released the first promotional picture for the Doctor Who 2015 Christmas Special – click on the image above for a bigger version. The pic shows River Song (Alex Kingston) and The Doctor (Peter Capaldi). It is written by Steven Moffat and directed by Douglas Mackinnon (Listen, Flatline), and stars Greg Davies and Matt Lucas. Check out the synopsis below:

It’s Christmas Day on a remote human colony and the Doctor is hiding from Christmas Carols and Comedy Antlers. But when a crashed spaceship calls upon the Doctor for help, he finds himself recruited into River Song’s squad and hurled into a fast and frantic chase across the galaxy. King Hydroflax (Greg Davies) is furious, and his giant Robot bodyguard is out-of-control and coming for them all! Will Nardole (Matt Lucas) survive? And when will River Song work out who the Doctor is?

All will be revealed on a starliner full of galactic super-villains and a destination the Doctor has been avoiding for a very long time.



  1. I'm not ready for this. Too soon after Clara. If the Doctor just shrugs her off I'll be very disappointed. Hoping they'll at least treat it the way Runaway Bride did with Rose.

  2. Definitely a Fred and Ginger look about this – are we to expect a dance routine? It's like the good old days of Angela Rippon on Morcombe and Wise!

  3. I'm really excited about this, cause it doesn't sound like too christmassy story, also it may not the part of a giant arc and you could watch it not knowing previous episodes.

  4. Looks like fun. Glad to see River again.

    So glad they'll never bring that skank Rose back! That whole Rose/Ten "romance" never happened plot line was DISGUSTING!


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