As announced last week, publishers Puffin are celebrating the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary with a series of eleven “eshorts”, each focusing on a Doctor, from familiar children’s authors. The first has been announced via the official Facebook page, details below:

(author of the bestselling Artemis Fowl series) has written
the very first short story in the Puffin ebook series celebrating the
50th Anniversary of Doctor Who! Eoin has reimagined the First Doctor and
created a brand new Doctor Who adventure called A Big Hand For The
, released on 23 January.  

The author commented: “As a boy I had been reading the Doctor Who books for years before I ever saw a single episode and I found that the on-screen version of the First Doctor was almost identical to the version in my imagination.”

Here is the synopsis for A Big Hand For The Doctor:

London. 1900. The First Doctor is missing his hand and his granddaughter, Susan. Faced with the search for Susan, a strange beam of soporific light, and a host of marauding Soul Pirates, the Doctor is promised a dangerous journey into a land he may never forget… 

A promotional video featuring Colfer will be released on the Jan 11 whilst the next author and book will be announced on Feb 5. A printed Anthology of all eleven stories will also be available from 23rd November!

You can buy it HERE

Thanks to Puffin


  1. Wellit hasn't been released yet as it comes out on the 23rd of January despite the use above of past tense.

    One assumes it'll be on all the major ebook vendors such as iBooks and Amaxon.


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