New themes for the Doctor, Ruby, and the show itself in a two hour celebration of six decades of music!

In timey wimey fashion, it may be three days early, but nobody’s complaining. Last month’s Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Concert has now arrived on BBC Sounds and it’s every bit as magnificent as fans had reported. But the most anticipated highlights have to be the new character themes The Life of Sunday and Fifteen, along with musical genius Murray Gold’s latest take on the greatest theme in the galaxy. And it’s one of his best – rearranging the furniture while moving in some exciting new ideas, like a cascading piano. Meanwhile, Fifteen, with its snarling electric guitar and a beat that sounds like it’s on course to win the Grand National promises our new Doctor will have energy to spare. Finally The Life of Sunday is a wistful waltz suggesting Ruby’s another companion ready to escape the everyday world for a life of adventure.

The full playlist for the Doctor Who concert:

  • 0’40” – I am the Doctor
  • 7’00” – All the Strange, Strange Creatures
  • 12’15” – Classic Doctor Who Medley
  • 20’27” – Radiophonic Workshop Interview
  • 24’32” – Abigail’s Song (Silence is All You Know)
  • 30’25” – Steven Moffat Interview
  • 35’10” – This is Gallifrey
  • 38’37” – The Rings of Akhaten (The Long Song)
  • 45’08” – The Companions Suite (Rose, Martha, Donna, and Amy)
  • 52’18” – Emily Cook Interview
  • 56’21” – Doomsday
  • 1’02’22” – Vale Decem
  • 1’06’02 – A Good Man?
  • 1’14’35” – I am a Good Man
  • 1’17’20” – Chris Chibnall and Segun Akinola interview
  • 1’21’32” – Suite: The Woman Who Fell to Earth (music from across the Thirteenth Doctor era)
  • 1’32’38” – The Life of Sunday
  • 1’36’40” – Murray Gold interview
  • 1’41’13” – Fifteen
  • 1’57’33” – Doctor Who Theme 2023

Listen to it all on a loop for the next 29 days on BBC Sounds here.


Doctor Who Specials 2023,The Doctor (DAVID TENNANT), Donna Noble (CATHERINE TATE),BBC Studios 2023,Zoe McConnell
Doctor Who Specials 2023,The Doctor (DAVID TENNANT), Donna Noble (CATHERINE TATE),BBC Studios 2023,Zoe McConnell

Doctor Who returns next month with three 60th Anniversary specials on BBC One in the UK and Ireland, and Disney+ worldwide



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