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Father’s Day – What Did YOU Think?

Nov 19 sees the release of the Blogtor Who audio commentary for the 2005 episode, Father’s Day. We are looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the episode for inclusion on the podcast (read out after the commentary). Tweet us HERE, Facebook us HERE, leave a comment below or email us HERE.
ETA: The commentary for this episode has now been recorded.

We are also looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the next story after that, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. You can Tweet us HERE, Facebook us HERE, leave a comment in the section below, or email us HERE.

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  1. Fathers Day is one of my all-time favourite Doctor Who episodes. I think the storyline is genius, as it pulls at the heart-strings of everyone, including those who have loved and lost. It raises the question of what would any of us do if we were in the same position as Rose? Would we stand back to see someone we love perish? Or, would we risk it all to try and help them?



  2. I think Rose gets an unfair amount of criticism for this one. Nine is the TIME LORD, kwim? And he's bringing an emotionally fragile teenage girl to witness the death of a loved parent. Yeah, so sure that's gonna work out well .. he's a Time Lord and 900 years old, he should have known better.

  3. Everyone warned me in advance about sleeping with the lights on after Empty Child. Nobody warned me about Father's Day, and Father's Day freaked me out about five times more than anything Moffat has ever written. Maybe it's the concept of breaking Time itself. Maybe it's the creeping horror as you realize the universe is subtly off, or think about the hit-and-run driver blinking in and out to replay the same event over and over. Maybe I just have funny existential issues. But Father's Day creeped me right out.

    It's also a fantastic episode. Not without flaws, of course; it would've worked just as well in a splinter universe that didn't imperil all of creation, and the Reapers would've been more effective if we'd seen less of them. And Lord knows that if Doctor Who were this emotionally hard-hitting every week it'd be a different show altogether. But it's a nice treat occasionally, the actors' performances are fabulous, and Cornell's script is amazing. All sorts of creepy, and it's all brought about by plain old human error in an episode that's all about learning to face the fact that people you love aren't perfect. In fact, sometimes they screw up monumentally, and it hurts to love them and forgive them and deal with the fallout as best you can.

    Upon rewatching, I was struck by the rare shot of Nine and Rose just sitting in the TARDIS having a chat, and Nine saying "Your wish is my command–but be careful what you wish for." For all it's got a sci-fi premise, Father's Day is a dark fairy tale from beginning to end, and a cracking good one at that.


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