Michelle Gomez by Kaitlyn Flannagan, Observer.com
Michelle Gomez by Kaitlyn Flannagan, Observer.com

Michelle Gomez, the brilliantly talented actress who plays Missy on Doctor Who, gave an interview to The Observer this past weekend.

The insightful meeting covered everything from her early life in Glasgow to her BAFTA nominated role of Missy in Doctor Who. But not everything made the printed interview and our friends over at The Observer have allowed us to share the outtakes with you.

What’s new. ‘The Collection’ for Amazon UK

Gomez has been spending the last few months filming The Collection, a new show for Amazon UK. The Collection is about fashion houses in Paris after World War II, as the city was rebuilding. Gomez plays a fashion editor based on Diana Vreeland, the legendary editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

Gomez:The costumes were phenomenal. They were absolutely phenomenal. Painful, but phenomenal. The whole cast looked incredible.”

At a sunny table at the beloved Russ & Daughters Cafe on New York’s Lower East Side, talk soon turned to Doctor Who and her typically delightful thoughts.

On Steven Moffat

Gomez praised the outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat for his vision in creating a female version of The Master.

Gomez: I mean it’s Steven’s work, Steven’s lines and it’s all there for the taking. I don’t really have to do that much actually other than say it and also because it’s such a strong visual as well. That costume is doing a lot of the work for me and I really feel like it’s probably one of the easiest jobs I’ve had, in that there’s no preparation. Steven has observed this part beautifully and I really do just get to sit and go.

On the rebooted version of The Master

Fans have noted that the new incarnation of the Master, is one we truly believe to have been friends with the Doctor at some point. Typically, the relationship has been portrayed as been adversarial and very unpleasant.

Gomez: I think that only plays out for so long you know. I think watching people being mean to one another can only hold you for a certain amount of time. I wanted to see where that history was…. because I don’t buy into any relationship being at a total black and white standpoint. What’s very interesting for me as an actor is if you can nail that, then you can dance around as much as you like as long as it’s rooted in something real. I think we found that. I think we found that history.

Michelle Gomez & Rebecca Kurson by Kaitlyn Flannagan, Observer.com
Michelle Gomez & Rebecca Kurson by Kaitlyn Flannagan, Observer.com

On singing and the origins of “Oh, Missy, you’re so fine”

Gomez has had a few some musical moments in different shows, particularly in Green Wing and now her famous signature tune in Doctor Who.

Gomez: I’m not sure I would call it singing, it’s just me trying to stay loose during set ups. If you are literally tied to a gurney and cannot move, whilst they do all their final checks, and lighting, and sound and stuff I really don’t have anywhere to go except into my head. Instead of sort of getting caught up in what we are about to do, I want to stay as free as possible so I normally just kind of troll around and hum. I’ve always just sort of sung a lot and I’m not sure it’s singing but it’s kind of humming, and trilling and stuff. It’s nonsense. Yes I mean I suppose I could totally manipulate this particular conversation into maybe suggesting there would be Missy the Musical.

The Observer: Yes!

Gomez: Perfect. Maybe we pursue this opportunity and see if we can get that going.

Gomez: So that little hey Missy you’re so fine thing was just me just pissing about.

The Observer: That was you?

Gomez: Yes, because we weren’t really even filming and so they kept it. They kept that and it worked. That’s what happens if you’re allowed to just kind of stay open, you know some good stuff can happen.

On being a woman of a certain age

Gomez is thrilled to become an action figure now, as a woman approaching 50. It’s a tricky age for an actress, but clearly, Gomez is thriving now, with regular roles in both Gotham and Doctor Who.

Gomez: It’s a strange age, that sort of 45 to 60. You’re not really young and you’re not really old. It’s just a strange category. Men don’t know what to do — should I fancy her? I’m not sure. Then they feel a bit weird then they get to 60, it’s like I definitely shouldn’t fancy her. 

Michelle Gomez by Kaitlyn Flannagan, Observer.com
Michelle Gomez by Kaitlyn Flannagan, Observer.com

On series 10 and Missy

Doctor Who fans, of course, are desperate for any news about the new series. Missy’s appearance has been confirmed, but few other details are known. Missy had a complicated relationship with Clara, the Doctor’s former companion. Will Missy and the Doctor’s new companion Bill meet?

Gomez: I can’t give you anything.

The Observer: The fans are basically in a frenzy.

Gomez: So am I. I am first and foremost a fan really.

The Observer: Yes, that’s true you were a huge fan of the show as well.

Gomez: I still have to pull myself together when I go on set and I’m surrounded by an army of Cybermen or you know, a whole studio of Daleks. There’s a few highlights that have taken my breath away. I have to do my job when all I want to do is go oh my God!

On her favourite Doctor

Gomez: I think for childhood, it will always be your childhood Doctor, whoever that might be generationally. Mine was Pertwee and Baker.

Obviously, if we talk about modern Doctors, it would hands down, regardless of offending any of the others, it’s Peter Capaldi. I just think he’s just quite wonderful. He has a real gravitas and I believe that he could actually perform a tracheotomy.

I do believe that he is a real doctor you know? There’s something that’s very credible and deep about him.

Doctor Who returns at Christmas with the annual special before series 10 premieres in 2017.

To read The Observer’s great article visit the website and ‘‘Doctor Who’ Actress Michelle Gomez Is Both Master and Missy’



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