Jemma Redgrave
Earlier today at London Film and Comic Con in Earl’s Court, Blogtor sat down with actress Jemma Redgrave, who plays Kate Stewart (The Power of Three, The Day of the Doctor), to chat about all things Doctor Who. Click on the images included here for bigger versions.
 Firstly, we spoke about the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi: “All I can tell you is, he’s going to be fantastic! He is fantastic, he’s going to be a brilliant Doctor.”
How does it feel to be working with The Cybermen in the Doctor Who Series 8 finale?
“Thing is, it’s always slightly surreal being in the same studio as a Dalek or being in a scene with a Cyberman because they are part of the narrative of my life. So it’s a rather surreal dislocated experience because it’s real. It’s not/it is! [Laughs] It’s great!”
And you’re back with Ingrid Oliver, who plays Osgood – good times?
“Oh yes [smiles], reunited! It was wonderful. Love working with Ingrid!”
On that, do you think a Kate Stewart/Osgood spin-off series is a possiblity?
“Well! Your mouth to god’s ears! [Laughs] Who knows?
Steven is here…
“Yeah well, waft that thought over in his direction… [Laughs]
You got to star in the biggest Doctor Who episode of all time, the 50th Anniversary special. Special feeling to be in the most important story of the world’s most iconic show?
“When I got the script, I thought they were asking me to do another ordinary episode and then I realised when I got it what it was. And also I got the whole, “Don’t tell anybody that you’re even taking part in it, don’t tell anyone!”- it was like Christmas and a birthday rolled into one. Very exciting.”
Looked like location filming in London was a blast.
“It was, in more ways that one! [Laughs] The weather was not friendly there – and it had been beautiful the day before! We did not luck out. It was a blast, all those huge wind machines and Matt [Smith] hanging from a crane. Filming with Matt and Jenna [Coleman] in central London is like working with rock stars. Extraordinary, huge crowd.”
When you originally appeared in The Power of Three, did you even think about a return?
“I thought it might be possible. I did a couple of interviews at the time and they put that question to me and I don’t know I’d thought about it until then. I’m so happy that it’s happened.
So, will Kate Stewart be back for Series 9 or 10?
“Waft that question in Steven Moffat’s direction! [Laughs] It’s out of my hands…”
Thanks so much Jemma.
My pleasure!
Special thanks to Jemma Redgrave and London Film & Comic Con


  1. You could have given a spoiler warning in the title of this article – the information about Jemma Redgrave's and Ingrid Oliver's involvement in Series 8 hasn't been officially released by the BBC. Set reports don't count as an official source. As a result I have been spoiled, because I didn't know that before. Thanks no thanks.


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