Earlier today, Blogtor was given a sneak preview of the upcoming limited edition Fourth Doctor Time Capsule – a boxset that features Terror of the Zygons on DVD for the first time, an EXCLUSIVE Fourth Doctor action figure and much, much more! Buy it from the BBC Shop HERE and click on the pics included here for bigger versions.

Terror of the Zygons DVD (1 disc).
An Interview with the Time Lord DVD – a 25 minute interview with Tom Baker.
• An exclusive post-regenerative Fourth Doctor action figure, wearing Jon Pertwee’s trademark frill-fronted shirt (pictured left).
• A Fourth Doctor sonic screwdriver.
• An audio version of classic story, Genesis of the Daleks.
• Novel Tomb of Valdemar by Simon Messingham, set during the Fourth Doctor’s search for the Key to Time.
• Art cards of all the Fourth Doctor’s companions.
• A letter from Tom Baker himself.
• Limited to 5,000 copies only. Each edition numbered.

The set is beautifully presented in a rather swish box, very stylish and very Doctor Who – as are the specially presented discs and book inside, truly Gallifreyan. Also incredibly stylish are the companion art cards included, all good enough to be framed and mounted on a wall, stunning eloquent in their monochrome glory. Just check them out below!

For toy fans there’s also the neat post-regeneration Fourth Doctor action figure, featuring Tom Baker’s Doctor in the costume of his predecessor, Jon Pertwee. A wonderful addition to anyone’s collection – and very rare too as it is exclusive to this set. You can check out a picture of it above in this post.

Aside from the classic stories form his era, Terror of the Zygons on DVD (for the first time) and Genesis of the Daleks on audio, there’s also a Fourth Doctor sonic screwdriver and a lovely, lovely letter written by Tom Baker to his fans (pictured right). It’s such a nice touch and delightful to know that Tommy B cares so much for the millions of people whose lives he touched over the years.

The Fourth Doctor Time Capsule will be released on July 29 in the UK only – buy it from the BBC Shop HERE. A full review of the set will be coming up on Blogtor Who in the next few days.
Thanks to BBC Worldwide


  1. This may be an inane question, since the official DVD release is yet to come, but do you know if the DVD of Terror of the Zygons in this set features the same extras as the individual release does?
    Or rather, does it feature many extras?


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