The synopsis for this Friday’s episode of Blue Peter has revealed that fans should expect some exciting news about the upcoming series of Doctor Who

Update: The announcement now seems to have been pushed out to the episode scheduled for Friday the 28th of April.


Listing magazines and websites now feature the synopsis for next week’s episodes of Blue Peter. And it includes the news that the episode on Friday the 21st should be of special interest to Doctor Who fans.

“We’re building up to an exciting Doctor Who announcement, superstar chef Jamie Oliver helps plant the Blue Peter vegetable patch, and find out what happened when our Awesome Orbit competition winner went behind the scenes at a UK rocket launch!”

There’s no more detail than that so far on exactly what the nature of the announcement is. However, Blue Peter’s long association with Doctor Who may give us some hints.


Blue Peter has a long history of competitions giving children a chance to contribute to the world of Doctor Who

Blue Peter has been the BBC’s flagship children’s television show since 1958. It’s teamed up with various Who production teams over the decades for special competitions and events. Examples from recent years include offering viewers the chance to design a monster for Love & Monsters, a TARDIS for The Doctor’s Wife, gadgets for Deep Breath, and even for a speaking role in Utopia and to write a minisode for Matt Smith’s Doctor!

Naturally, one of the likely possibilities for this new announcement is another in this long tradition. But if so, what could the Blue Peter audience be called upon to come up with for Ncuti Gatwa’s adventures as the Doctor? Designing a costume for our hero to wear in a scene or episode would be new so that’s a possibility. Or perhaps the skyline of an alien city for the Bad Wolf team to interpret in an episode’s establishing shots? Or perhaps they’ll simply repeat an old favourite and call for children to send in monster or gadget designs.

Of course, the new announcement could be something else entirely, from a piece of casting, the unveiling of a new alien, or some news on official 60th Anniversary celebrations in November. We’ll just to tune in at 5pm on Friday the 21st on CBBC to find out. Either way, Blogtor Who will be sure to update you!





    • It’s been pushed out for some reason or another, with the presenters simply saying it would be *next* week (ie Friday the 28th) and would be “amazing.”


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