Great news! Every episode of Doctor Who spin-off show Torchwood is available now on BBC iPlayer

Torchwood was created by Russell T Davies after he successfully brought Doctor Who back to our television sets in 2005. The series ran from 2006 to 2011 growing in popularity with each series.

Although Torchwood is a Doctor Who spin-off show, it’s much more racy than its parent show. It stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness and his band of alien hunters.  Jack has set up a new branch of The Torchwood Institute near the rift in Cardiff. 

Torchwood also stars Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori with regular appearances by Kai Owen. Later series attracted big name stars like Bill Pullman and Mekhi Phifer.  The third series Torchwood: Children of Earth featured future Doctor Who Peter Capaldi as Home Office Permanent Secretary John Frobisher.

Torchwood is available on the BBC iPlayer for the next 11 months.

Check out every binge-worthy episode on BBC iPlayer now at


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