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EVENT: Sask Expo 2019 – Exploring The Extraordinary!

Captain Jack - The Program

Well, that sure was fun!

If you weren’t able to attend Sask Expo 2019, that’s too bad. It was a superb show full of everything you could want! Comic books, comic creators, geeky accessories, toys, collectables, cosplay, celebrities and so much more!

I don’t know how many of our regular readers have ever been to Saskatoon, let alone heard of it, but it’s an up and coming city. It’s a fairly old Canadian city but it’s had a bit of a renaissance over the last few years and continues to grow and evolve. Much like the Expo itself.

Origin Story

Sask Expo has been going on for a number of years now. I first moved to Saskatoon about a month before the opening of the 2016 expo. At that point they were working along with Fan Expo and put on a truly memorable event. Over the last few years they’ve become more independent and this only makes it an even more special event.

Earlier this year Sask Expo also took their show to Regina. The “Sask” became less Saskatoon and more Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan is the province if you were wondering.) They had a fantastic line up of talent and though I couldn’t make it to the event, I’ve heard only positive things about it. Which brings us to the now.

2019 Saskatoon Sask Expo

13th Doctor at Sask Expo

Blogtor Who being focused primarily on Doctor Who, I never stepped forward to cover the expo as there hadn’t been much of a Who connection. Even though we get great talent here (e.g. Ron Perlman and Doug Jones last year), it’s only when John Barrowman was announced this year that it seemed appropriate to attend the event as more than just a happy fan.

John Barrowman had been to the Sask Expo prior to my time in the city and I thought for sure my chance was gone. Then boom! There he was announced along with talents such as Billy Dee Williams, Marina Sirtis and Michael Rooker!

Unfortunately the man in demand that he is had to cancel due to work. This happens frequently to events of this nature. More often than not, the performer is rescheduled for the following year, so long as their work permits. Regardless, the show must go on! Besides, this means there’s more John Barrowman coming to our screens (or ear holes if it’s Big finish).

Comfortably Fun

Harley Quinn by Riley Rossmo

The Sask Expo is a very friendly and comfortable environment. It’s still a crowded place and you have to wait your turn to get to what, or who, you want to see. Once there though, you’re likely able to have more time to chat to a celebrity or peruse the merchandise or artists portfolio. I was in early enough on Saturday to get a commission done by Riley Rossmo. It’s not Doctor Who, but it’s pretty fantastic nonetheless!

It was a little disappointing that the Doctor Who love was so minimal this year. In past years I’ve spotted all kinds of cosplay and merch and with John Barrowman bowing out so close to the date of the event I thought there still might be a larger presence than there was.

That’s okay though. There were still some lovely costumes, crafts and goodies for Whovians to be represented. After all, this is central Canada. The Doctor/s can’t be everywhere at once.

Diversifying the ground

Doctor Dolls

The Sask Expo does a great job of diversifying their line ups each year and this year was no different. From performers to comic artists and writers, right down to the activities themselves, it’s always fun to see what they’ll do next.

This year the event was laid out nicely with the main area holding the talent and merch and, off to the other side of the grounds, they had a gaming area. Computer games in one section of the room and table top games being played in the more common area. Just off to the side of the games there was a reptile display on hand with snakes, iguanas and more! Just in front of that they had Disney Princesses you could take a picture with. Of course there was even face painting. It really had something for everyone!



Beautiful Face Paint

The Sask Expo was an absolute delight. Being able to chat with your favourite celebrity without being rushed out is such a treat. I brought my 5 year old daughter along on Sunday and she loved every minute of it. She spotted her favourite characters on posters and in costume, and even walked across the stage during the costume contest at the end.

It’s a perfect event for families. If you’re looking for exclusively Doctor Who, this year wasn’t it. But, as it goes with every year at any expo or con, if there’s a celebrity coming, you can be sure to see an increase in those kinds of characters being represented across the event. Maybe next year, maybe not. One thing I can say for sure: I had a lot of fun, I spent my budget, and I enjoyed talking with everyone I came across. Not an ego to be found from fan to star.

I can’t wait for Sask Expo 2020! I hope to see you there.

Excellent! Bill & Ted Cosplay



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