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EVENT REPORT: Calgary Expo – Something For Everyone!

Cosplayers & Merchandise at Calgary Expo 2017

The Calgary Expo is still rolling on and Saturday was a huge day with an even bigger attendance and even stronger Doctor Who presence in the form of cosplay. Everything from U.N.I.T. soldiers to Weeping Angels, River Song’s and of course, lots and lots of Doctor’s and dozens of TARDIS variations.

The creativity doesn’t end with cosplay though, oh no. There are stickers, magnets, wood workings, bookmarks artists drawings in all styles. That’s just to name a few of the creative crafts the amazing artists and craftspeople create. And they come from far and wide to set up shop and are so pleasant to talk to when it comes to their art and passion. If you’ve never visited an expo or convention it’s really a must.

Cosplayers at Calgary Expo 2017
Cosplayers at Calgary Expo 2017 – Photo Credit Jason Chisholm for Blogtor Who
Merchandise Galore

Of course, on top of the homemade talents, there’s the officially licensed merchandise as well.  You’ll find everything from t-shirts, mugs, toys, sonic screwdrivers, lunchboxes and whatever else you can want or imagine.

The latest Doctors tend to be the most popular in Canada, especially in the crafts but there is a lot of great classic Doctor Who goodies to be found. Old editions of Doctor Who Magazine, some great classic figures and even some BBC Audio drama’s as well as some old comic books, but they often go fast. There’s something for absolutely everyone, you may just need to dig.

Peter Capaldi and Jason Chisholm – Photo Opportunity © Calgary Expo
My Encounter with the Doctor

Saturday was the last day for Peter Capaldi appearances. There were no panels but he was signing autographs and had a photo op session, which I was happy to be a part of! The process was quick with the handlers shouting next and you popping in and out in a matter of seconds. However, Peter Capaldi made you feel as welcomed as possible as he jumped at me with a smile, pulled me in tight, grabbed my sonic screwdriver and posed, all before I realised I was out of the booth and walking away, wondering if I had even remembered to smile.  Yes, the photo ops are drastically quick, but I can only imagine it’s how a companion must feel. The Doctor lays eyes on you, you feel so special and then you are off. Thankfully I have my souvenir in the form of a photo.

Cosplayers & Merchandise at Calgary Expo 2017 – Photo Credit Jason Chisholm for Blogtor Who
Wonderful People

There were so many fantastically wonderful people at the expo and I would like to make a special mention of Jeff and Suzanne of AZTardis.com who came from Arizona and cosplayed as the Twelfth Doctor, in his first outfit, and Missy on Friday and Twelve (in hoodie and checkered pants) on Saturday and will have a new outfits Sunday! I ran into them frequently and had a wonderful time talking about all things Doctor Who and expo/conventions and loved watching them pose for pictures for other Doctor Who fans.

The Calgary Expo has been a phenomenal event that has, in the past, hosted other Doctor who alumni including, John Barrowman, Billie Piper, Karen Gillian and Matt Smith and now Peter Capaldi. I can only imagine who they will have next year, and I hope you will be able to attend.

The same team behind the Calgary Expo will be holding another event in Saskatoon September 16th and 17th, 2017 and then in Edmonton September 22-24th, 2017.

Convention Logo © Calgary Expo



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