Regenerating the Doctor: Celebrating 15 years of the revived Doctor Who

Vinay Patel - BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2016 - (c) Charlie Clift
Vinay Patel – BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2016 – (c) Charlie Clift

To celebrate our favourite TV programme, which not only draws in leading novelists to support script writing but has inspired a wealth of print and audio adventures, the panel at London Book and Screen Week 2020 will discuss what they’ve loved about the series since its relaunch in 2005, explore the secret to the show’s success across all formats, and see what lies in store for the lucky number 13. The panel includes actress Sophie Aldred, best known as the seventh Doctor Who companion, Ace, who beat up a Dalek with a baseball bat; writer Vinay Patel, who wrote the episodes Demons of the Punjab, widely seen as one of the highlights of series 11, and series twelve’s Fugitive of the Judoon. It also includes Simon Guerrier, who has written Doctor Who stories for BBC Books, Big Finish Productions, Doctor Who Magazine and the Doctor Who Figurine Collection. It will be chaired by award-winning journalist and broadcaster – and lifelong Doctor Who fan – Samira Ahmed.

Bedford Who - 2019 - Sophie Aldred - (c) Frank Danes
Bedford Who – 2019 – Sophie Aldred – (c) Frank Danes

The event is on Friday 13th March from 6:30pm at The Groucho Club (Soho, London) and tickets will include a complimentary drink. For more information and tickets, click here:


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