Torchwood fans have had a lot to celebrate recently with the Big Finish announcement of the original cast returning for a new audio series. Eve Myles fans have also had a lot to celebrate as she is back on our screens in Keeping Faith which started this week. It has just been announced that she is about to reunite with Russell T Davies portraying a character called Gwen.

Before you get carried away this isn’t a return of Torchwood to our TV screens. Eve will be portraying a character called Gwen Parry-Jones. She had this to say about the role to Digital Spy  “I’m playing a real kind of boho, ’70s hippie so I looked so different in it. It was just a treat. An absolute treat. A really great production to be in.”

The production she refers to is the BBC One mini-series A Very English Scandal. A new prestige 3 part drama produced by Blueprint Pictures which will air later in the year. It is the shocking true story of the first British politician to stand trial for conspiracy and incitement to murder.

The true story of Jeremy Thorpe has cast a huge name in the lead, Hugh Grant, he is joined by Ben Whishaw and what Russel T Davies has called a “dream cast”.

It’s really great to see RTD’s voice coming back to the screen and with such juicy material and a fantastic cast it’ll make the wait seem all that longer.



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