The latest copy of The Essential Doctor Who bookazine is on sale now!

The Doctor has always challenged the linear conception of time. Since his television voyage began in 1963, the TARDIS has travelled backwards, forwards and even sideways through the mysterious Vortex.

The latest issue of The Essential Doctor Who traces the development of these time-bending narratives, describing the rules that were laid down – and subsequently revised – by the series’ writers and producers.

Highlights of the all-new articles include:

Frankenstein vs the Daleks – a look at Terry Nation’s first draft of The Chase

Original Evil – David Whitaker’s story treatment for The Evil of the Daleks

The Gamble With Time – the complex pre-production of City of Death

Creating Angels – a visit to the churchyard that helped to inspire the Weeping Angels

River’s Run – unravelling the complex chronology of River Song’s relationship with the Doctor

This 116-page bookazine also includes guides to time-travelling stories such as The Ark, Mawdryn Undead, A Christmas Carol and Listen, along with exclusive interviews and numerous rare images.

Editor Marcus Hearn says: “This is a fresh take on a vast and potentially challenging subject. Everyone in this issue has done a great job, coming up with new facts and theories about stories I thought I knew inside out. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the Blinovitch Limitation Effect or the Bootstrap Paradox, then look no further!

The Essential Doctor Who: Time Travel is on sale now at WH Smiths and all good newsagents, price £9.99.


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