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Escape Hunt Launch New ‘Doctor Who’ Play-At-Home Remote Escape Room Experience

Escape Hunt - Doctor Who: Worlds Collide

Escape Hunt have unveiled details of a remote version of their Doctor Who: Worlds Collide escape room, which fans can now play at home via Zoom

First launched back in 2018, Doctor Who: Worlds Collide allows fans to immerse themselves in the world of the show by solving puzzles in a live escape game inspired by the Doctor Who universe. Whilst Escape Hunt venues around the UK are still closed for the time being, this game (amongst others) has now been adapted for remote play.

Friends, family, and colleagues from the same or separate households can come together via Zoom to play Escape Hunt‘s physical escape room from the comfort of their own homes. Teams will be able direct a real-life expert games master, move them around the room, find hidden clues, solve puzzles, and see if they can escape before time runs out!

In Doctor Who: Worlds Collide, the Doctor needs you – a tear in space and time has been detected, and the Cybermen are about to break through! Step into the future and enter the offices of ChronosCorp HQ, where eccentric billionaire Alastair Montague’s efforts to develop commercial time travel have caused a tear in the fabric of space and time. Now, the Cybermen are ready to take advantage and attack Earth. You, the Doctor’s friends, must investigate the incident. The remains of Montague, his prototype time engine and the extensive collection of time-related artefacts acquired over the course of his experiments, are all that you have to work with. The fate of the universe is in your hands. Take too long and the human race will be “upgraded”.

Escape Hunt - Doctor Who: Worlds Collide
Escape Hunt – Doctor Who: Worlds Collide

As well as this, a remote version of Escape Hunt‘s The Fourth Samurai will also available to play via Zoom. In The Fourth Samurai, to win freedom, the mind must be sharper than the sword. Step into ancient Japan, where the imperial emperor has ordered you, his most trusted samurai warriors, to defeat the evil warlord Tanaka Masamune. But be warned, Tanaka is no ordinary enemy; he is protected by a powerful curse that makes him invincible to even the strongest warrior. The only way to beat him is to steal the magic stone from the handle of his sword – but first you must escape from the dungeon his henchmen have thrown you into. You have one hour to break free and complete your mission!

Escape Hunt – The Fourth Samurai

Escape Hunt CEO Richard Harpham has said, “We’re delighted to be expanding our range of at home experiences with remote play games. It’s fantastic that now, using technology, we can give people the opportunity to play our much-loved physical escape rooms in their own homes.”

Both Doctor Who: Worlds Collide and The Fourth Samurai are one-hour experiences replicating the in-room play experience suitable for 1 to 6 players aged 8+, both priced at £60 per gameplay. Prices are charged per game play and are set for all group sizes.

Doctor Who: Worlds Collide and The Fourth Samurai are each available for booking now via the Escape Hunt website.



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