A new TV trailer has been released for The End Of Time, Part One – see it in the player below.


  1. thats a big of an exageration. really all we have seen is the same clips from the "next time" over and over with slight extensions and clips that are really of very little consequence. The bbc advertisers are clever. I think its a safe bet to say that wat we've seen so far is just the icing on this multilayered, jam filled epic cake.

    Much as i love Tennant's portrayal as the Doctor i am looking forward most to the regeneration. The rest of it is just there to fill in the gap between now and next year.

  2. Despite it reusing some of the same stuff, there's also tiny bits of new stuff subtly sprinkled in. For instance, the Master complaining of the drumbeat in his head being "louder than ever before".

    To me, that's a BIG indicator that he's gonna just as insane as he was the last time we saw him, if not even more so. It also has me seriously excited, and I look forward to witnessing this epic showdown.


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