The press launch for the new series of Doctor Who took place today in Cardiff – see an interview with MATT SMITH in the player below (it also includes a clip from The Eleventh Hour). Also officially confirmed was the news that a Christmas Special will take place this year along with another series coming next year.


  1. Oh, what a shame. I love your wonderful blog, but alas every time I try to watch one of the videos my browser crashes. I use Linux, so that's probably the issue, but I've never had a problem with flash videos before. Such a pity! Any clues what could be wrong?

  2. Everything about that video was awesome. I am so glad that Matt is giddy like a schoolboy about Doctor Who now. And that snippet was pretty interesting for as little as I could see. God! These two weeks will go by so slowly! Hurry up, time!

  3. "Give me five minutes!"
    He already said something like that once. To Madame De Pampadour.
    The series looks awesome! This Doctor does not seem very far from his predecessor, does he?

  4. @iPro. It's still his first episode. He's still figuring out who he is. Not to mention most of the Doctors jump around like a buffoon during excitement. Eccleston did it, too.


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