Now that the first episode of the new series has screened, reactions have started to come in for The Eleventh Hour. You can read Lizo Mzimba’s (BBC Correspondent) review HERE. (Warning it includes a description of a trailer for the rest of the series – includes a fairly big spoiler!) Friends of Blogtor, Den Of Geek have their spoiler~free review HERE.

Over on Twitter, SFX said “First episode of Doctor Who fantastic. Utterly magical. Already a bit in love with Doctor eleven and Amy Pond”; Benjamin Cook added, “New Dr Who is well good!!”; Chris Allen noted “Ep 1 of new Doctor Who is amazing. A whole new show. Not the most exciting story ever but Matt is fantastic”; whilst the BBC Ents Team teased us with “…. no spoilers, but it does feature custard and a famous astronomer…!”

It should be noted that the version of the episode screened did not include the new title sequence or newly arranged theme tune. See interviews with MATT SMITH and KAREN GILLAN from today’s press launch with a clip from The Eleventh Hour HERE and HERE.


  1. Lizo Mzimba's review has a MAJOR spoiler that I didn't want to know! I'm annoyed he didn't flag his review with spoiler notices.

    Saying that: how exciting!

  2. Sounds great, but why did Lizo have to go and drop that monster revelation? Looking forward to seeing what Moff does with them though, I have a feeling it will be a better take on them than the pretty drab version in the RTD years. Hope so anyway.

  3. Ahh. Was wondering about the title sequence – Den of Geek said it was the same as the old one, with the new logo instead. Thought that'd be a little disappointing.


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