Happy New Year, Everyone!!

We hope that you have a had a great holiday season and will be watching the Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special – Resolution – at 7pm today.   It has been an interesting year for Doctor Who.  There has been a new Doctor, a new showrunner, a new TARDIS and a new set of companions.

The new series has done well in the overall rating bringing in new audiences and new fans.  But the new series hasn’t been without detractors and is hasn’t perfect launch for the new Doctor and her companions.  Some of the stories were lacking and the Doctor has yet to be challenged by a serious foe.  All that will change today as the Doctor most feared enemy returns to do battle with the Time Lord.  Today’s episode is reported by those who have seen it, to be an epic battle. A battle that will test the metal of a new Doctor.  We will just have to wait and see.

However, this is the last episode of Doctor Who for another year.  There is no Xmas 2019 special planned and Doctor Who will return in early 2020.   So today’s event will just have to hold us over until next year.   And I am hoping that this year will be a kinder and more considerate year for all

Happy New Year from all of us at Blogtor Who

Susan Hewitt – Chief Cook & Bottle Washer a.k.a. Editor


  1. I can’t shake the feeling that what the classic series took four Doctors to achieve – late Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, all good or even great actors but all overseen by JNT – has been achieved by the reboot series in just one season, with one excellent actor and one misguided series producer, Chris Chibnall. If the series didn’t return in 2020, I don’t think I’d miss it. Maybe time for another long rest before someone with the imagination and judgement to do it justice comes along.


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